Home NATION Clash at LPU Punjab: From the Ignition to the Settlement

Clash at LPU Punjab: From the Ignition to the Settlement

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LPU Clash in Punjab

Bangalore: LPU (Lovely Professional University) is a private university situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, India claims to be the largest single-campus private university in India with over 24000 students. Recently this university is in the news as its students had a clash with the Police and went on rampage as a result of a fellow hosteller held for “extortion”. As an outcome of this event, four students have been hurt and several vehicles were burnt.

Here’s what happened:


Last week, an LPU student named Sanjeev Kumar aged 21, who hails from Tamil Nadu lodged a complaint at Jalandhar Bus stand police station reporting his iphone 7 has been stolen by some unknown person. And he added up that he is also receiving calls demanding ransom of Rs. 35,000 in case if he wants his mobile back.


Later it seems that the accused has called Sanjeev to come with money near the Railway station at Jalandhar Cantt. The police tracked down the caller to Jalandhar Cantonment railway station. When Sanjeev reached there with money, the accused tried to grab the money and ran away but in no time the police surrounded and nabbed him. It is later found that the caller turned out to be the BSc second-year student from the same university, named, Subhanshu Dubey, 22, from Bihar. When the police went in search for the mobile phone with the accused in the hostel room in D-block, few of his friends had a clash with the police and came out of the campus on National Highway -1 at midnight on Sunday, November 5, 2017.


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Following this incident, a dharna started at midnight in front of the university gate blocking the NH-1 traffic for nearly two hours. The matter became serious when four of the 2000 students who involved in the Dharna were hit by a speeding Maruti car being driven on the wrong lane at NH-1. The police protected the car driver, Shehanshah Singh from the students who tried to attack him. The police had to fire five shots in the air to disperse the crowd. The car driver was later arrested and the police registered a charge of attempt to murder on him.

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 “We have deployed adequate police force. The students who had got injured were rushed to a private hospital yesterday and are doing fine,” the Phagwara SP Parminder Singh Bhandal said.


The situation flared up when the students pelted stones at the police and thrown flower pots at the men in uniform. The agitated students then marched towards Chaheru police post situated in front of the campus and set a police vehicle on fire. The students were also damaging university properties by demanding immediate release of Subhanshu.


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Heavy police force was deployed at all gates of the LPU campus, restricting any entry. The Kapurthala police blamed the Jalandhar City for not keeping them in the loop and acting in a rush in a trivial case of mobile theft.


“The university is functioning normally and there is peace on the campus,” said LPU Director Aman Mittal. It is also reported that Sanjeev, the one who lodged the complaint and Subhanshu, the accused student, settled their disputes and even attended their classes.


IG, Arpit Shukla said, “Our teams will continue to examine the case and look for lapses.”


The campus is still monitored to avoid any unforeseen problems further.


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