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Indigo Manhandles Mid-Age Passenger, Apologizes Later


Mumbai: On Tuesday, a shocking video surfaced online showing an IndiGo passenger restrained and manhandled by the airline’s ground staff at the Delhi airport terminal shortly after an argument last month.

In the video, the passenger, identified as Rajeev Katiyal, is seen being prevented from entering the coach. All of a sudden pulled back by a ground staff, who was found earlier objecting the passenger and allegedly using abusive language.


There was another airline employee seen restraining the passenger and as Katiyal fought back, he fell to the ground.


Rajeev Katiyal was travelling from Chennai, and soon the staffer got into a scuffle after; both sides were seen trying to punch the other.  As per the sources, the incident had taken place on October 15. After the video shot on a mobile phone was put out today, though IndiGo apologized for the incident and said that the staff involved has been fired.


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IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh also mentioned that he had called up the passenger too and apologized for the unfortunate incident.


“My personal apologies as this does not reflect our culture,” he said in a statement.


Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju, has asked for a report from the civil aviation watchdog, that is the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA.)


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According to reports, the incident took place at the time when the passenger was waiting for the coach that would take the passengers from the tarmac to the terminal. Mr Katyal, visibly looked agitated and seemed to be disappointed and thus was arguing over the late arrival of the coach. Over which the ground staff asked him to refrain from using curses. But the video showed the passenger telling them that they should focus on doing a better job rather than moving passengers from one spot to another. As the passengers finally started boarding the coach, a ground staff restrain Mr Katiyal from boarding over the alleged cursing. Seething in rage, Mr Katiyal tries to attack a staff member screaming, “How dare you.” In the scuffle that follows, he is finally pinned down on the tarmac, the airline staff holding him by his neck on the ground, as the passenger fights back, swinging his arms wildly. The two are then separated and held back by other staff members present there. It is not clear yet who shot the video.


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Indigo Passenger Scuffle, Indigo Passenger Manhandled
Indigo Passenger Scuffle


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