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Link Aadhar Card To Book 12 Tickets In A Month On IRCTC Portal

Aadhar Verified Railway Passengers, IRCTC Booking for Aadhaar Verified Passengers
Aadhar Verified Railway Passengers

Mumbai: Aadhaar card issue doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. Now the Indian Railways has brought a new set of rules for its passengers, let us know what it is.

In another big Aadhaar boost, the Indian Railways has announced an increase in the monthly cap on tickets booked on the IRCTC portal. That is, now the passengers will be able to book from six to 12 tickets in a month, but it’s only for Aadhaar-verified passengers.


This move has come into effect on October 26, and is believed to be an innovative way from the railways end. This is simply to encourage the passengers to link their Aadhar numbers to their online booking accounts on IRCTC.


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Giving a clear vision, one of the IRCTC officials said that for an initial time period, passengers can continue to book up to six tickets a month without validating their Aadhaar cards, however, the ticket cap will then be increased.


If at all such things happen that the number goes beyond six, the Aadhaar number of the user and one of the passengers should be updated in the IRCTC portal, an official explained.

In this, the users while booking on the IRCTC portal have to click on Aadhaar KYC under my profile category in which they will be asked to update their Aadhaar number.


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Like any other, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) that will be sent to the mobile number linked to Aadhaar and is compulsion to enter for verification.


In the following process the Aadhaar number of any one of the accompanying passengers needs to be updated under the master list. Which will be validated through an OTP.


There is an advantage as well, users can also store the names of verified passengers accompanying them on the master list which would be time saving from refilling of information. However, the criteria is that it has to be done before starting the process for booking more than six tickets a month, as per officials.


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The move is aimed to eliminate malpractices in ticket bookings through touts. Additionally, travel agents cannot create fake user IDs anymore.


In the IRCTC portal, six passengers can be reserved on a single ticket under general quota, whereas Tatkal bookings allow only four passengers per ticket.


In December last year, the railways had announced that the registration of Aadhaar with IRCTC would be mandatory in order to avail concessions from April 1, 2017, but later dropped the idea after opposed from various forums.


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