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How Reliance Jio’s Marketing Head was Thrashed to Death Last Year

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Vineet Tehran Murder Case

Bangalore: Today, people are running after money as if it is the utmost important thing in the world. People are ready to do anything and everything for money today. One such incident which marked it’s existence in the corporate history is when three men killed a Reliance JIO head person and the motive behind the murder was revealed as robbery. Here’s what happened –

On July 30, 2016, Vineet Tehran (38) who was working as a Senior Marketing head in Reliance Jio at Mohali’s phase VII office of Reliance was hacked to death with an axe by three unidentified bikers. Reports say that he was living at Modern Housing Complex, Mani Majra, Chandigarh, Punjab. At around 11.30 pm on July 30th, Tehran was sitting in his Mahindra XUV vehicle which was parked near the entrance gate of Uppal Housing Apartment which was near his residence. He was living with his wife, Devka and son and mother, while his younger brother who is in Merchant navy was expected to reach India by that Tuesday.


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The murder was recorded in the nearby CCTV camera which clearly showed the Police that three men coming on a motorcycle and sat in his vehicle. After sometime, the three men came out of the vehicle while arguing with Tehran. Then within some time in a fit of rage, they hit him on his head with an axe thrice. Succumbed by the attack, he fell down on the road covered with pool of blood. By the time the security guard of the society who witnessed the incident, rushed to the spot, the three assailants had already fled with their bike.

The security guard then raised the alarm and informed about the incident to the Police. On hearing the news, Police rushed to the spot and rushed the victim to Government Multi-Speciality Hospital (GMSH), Sector 16, Chandigarh where later he was declared dead on arrival.


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According to police, it was found that they took away the victim’s three mobile phones, a wallet and the vehicle keys while the gold Kara which was worn by the victim was left untouched. Even though the footage showed the incident happened, it didn’t clearly show the assailants. The police believed the trio were known to the victim and robbery did not appear to be the prime motive. A case under Section 302 under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for murder was registered at the Mani Majra police station.


At the initial stage of investigation, Police discovered that the victim did not have enmity with anybody. The police checked the records from the victim’s mobile phones, and also checked the mobile phones active status in the area where the incident took place. During the later course of investigation, accused Manish S/o Puran Chand aged 27 years, Aamir S/o Chotte Khan aged 21 years and Aakash aka Golu S/o Mulakh Raj was arrested on August 21, 2017 on extra judicial confession.


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The weapons included two axes and also blood stained clothes of all accused and used motorcycle as well as Two I-Cards issued by Reliance jio, Three Pen drives & cards of deceased had been recovered at their behest. During the interrogation, the accused disclosed that they murdered Vineet Tehran, for the motive of robbery.


From this incident, it is very well evident that in this world surrounded by money-minded people, there is no value for human life.


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