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Gujarat Assembly Election 2017: Who will be the King of Gujarat this Time?

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Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017

Bangalore: Gujarat assembly elections are all set to start with the first phase of elections going to be held on December 9, 2017 and second phase of the elections will be held on December 14, 2017. While the elections are on the way, the media has started to get the opinion polls from different sets of public to heat up the situation. There are several predictions prevailing among the people regarding the election results. Even though BJP managed to capture Gujarat since 1995, this time there is direct battle between BJP and Congress. The state BJP has a biggest challenge and struggling to fill in the space which Modi’s departure has created and it is very evident from the fact that the BJP has appointed two Chief Minister within a span of two years.

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One more challenge for the Saffron party is that GST implementation has reportedly annoyed a large number of traders across India and the party has to face their anger in a state which is well-known for trade leadership. Since BJP is in power in both the state as well as Central, it is facing double anti-incumbency this time. Hence, in case of any failure in the assembly elections, BJP cannot have the luxury to blame the centre’s alleged non-cooperative attitude.


Despite the patidar agitation and the resentment amongst the Dalit community over the perceived victimisation, it has managed to get a thumbs up from the public of Gujarat. A survey reports for the prediction of upcoming elections indicate that BJP will get approximately between 118 to 134 seats out of 182. It is reported that every three in five person selected for opinion poll is in the favour of BJP and every one in three is in the favour of Congress which will bag anywhere between 49-61 seats.

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From these opinion polls, it is very clear that even though Congress is trying to utilise the Modi’s absence to capture Gujarat, the saffron party has set to win big in the assembly elections. This survey which had 6000 participants will have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. This predicted victory for BJP indicate that the saffron party will potentially rule Gujarat for five more years, making it a whole 27 years of uninterrupted rule by the saffron party in the western state. The different issues put forward by Congress like Demonetisation, GST rollout, communal and caste based violence, etc. are all at vain to stop the Saffron party in ruling the state.


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While this on one side, polls also suggest comfortable win for BJP in Himachal Pradesh election going to be held on November 9, 2017. It is predicted that BJP could win 43-47 seats in the total of 68 seats HP assembly. All these poll prediction results suggest that despite several flaws of BJP government in Central, the “Modi Wave” is still there in the public. However, it will be interesting to watch out for the final result which may change the opinion poll completely or may make BJP happy again.



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