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Registration Certificates to be Replaced with Smartcards for the Bike and Car

RC Smartcard for Car and Bike, RC Smartcard Car and Bike, RC Smartcard for Car and Bike in India
RC Smartcard for Car and Bike

Mumbai: From the time Narendra Modi took over the government in Centre, there are many schemes launched as a result of ‘Digital India‘ mission. As a part of this mission, linking Aadhar and PAN card to bank accounts were done. Now a similar procedure for Vehicle registration is announced. It has been previously declared that from Monday, October 23, 2017, those who purchase two-wheelers and cars, the regional transport department will have over Registration Certificates (RC) in the form of RC smartcard. During 2008-2009, for the Driving Licenses and Registration Certificates, the RC SmartCard project was initiated as a pilot project as a part of Regional Transport Department’s modernisation process and RTO across the state of Tamil Nadu. The RC books which are in the form of paper document will be given hereafter as RC Smartcard, to facilitate easy transportation for the vehicle owners.

The Registering Authority under Directorate of Transport introduced the RC smartcard system for Registration Certificate of vehicles from Sep 15, 2014 onwards. Sham Lohi, deputy RTO reported, “Till now, those who had registered their vehicles between 2015 and 2017 were getting the RCs in the form of a paper document. However, during 2007 and 2014 there were RC smartcards. At that time all data was stored in an optical film which was on the card. But the new ones will be similar to a license which will have a chip on it,”


The RC smartcard will have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) self-service chip which will store all data related to the vehicle including the owner’s name and address, it’s chassis number, model, make and registration details. The charges of the RC smartcard have also been dropped considerably. The features of this RC smartcard will have the similar design as of Indian pan card.

“Earlier the smartcards used to cost around Rs. 350 but now it will Rs. 200. Also, the RC will be directly sent at the residential address of the vehicle owner after they apply for it,” said Lohi.


The Regional Transport officials informed that these smart RC smartcards with a chip cannot be duplicated since it has several security features, unlike the existing paper document form of RC. One more added advantage is the RTO officials can easily check the vehicle details using readers to read this smartcard from other districts. It should be noted that, not only the persons who is going to purchase new vehicles can apply for this smart card, but also the ones who were currently having paper document form of RC can also apply for these smart cards after paying the charges.


“Just three month ago when I had purchased a motorcycle I was given the paper documents and it used to be a task to carry them around, especially during the rains as there was always a fear that it would get spoiled. But the smartcards will be a better option and it will also be easier to carry,” said Pracheta Mada, a resident of Waghbil. According to the reports, the cards printing tender have been handed over to the same company who had previously carried out the work in 2007-2014. The officials claimed that the smartcards will enable the authorities to update any data into the card faster and even the online process will become smoother.


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