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When MNS Workers Took the Law into Their Own Hands against Illegal Hawkers Of Thane

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MNS Goons Against Illegal Hawkers Thane

Mumbai: On Saturday, MNS workers were seen thrashing and destroying the ill-legal hawkers sitting at Thane, Kalyan and Dombivli stations. Thrashed down literally 50 vendors, in which 25 were evicted from Thane and 15 were thrashed from Kalyan and Dombivli each.

MNS Chief Raj Thackeray had warned of the action and latter consequences during his party’s protest against railway authorities at Churchgate after the September 29 Elphinstone Road stampede that claimed 23 lives. As he very clearly gave the 15-day deadline for railways to evict all the hawkers on FOBs and outside stations else on 16th day they will do so.


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Due to hawkers sitting outside Thane station, there was always problem as they were found blocking pedestrian space. Several times attempts were made to evict them from the railways and municipal authorities but all efforts failed. Many hawkers operate in areas where there is constant tussle between railways and civic body over jurisdiction and simultaneously commuters demanding co-ordinated action against the hawkers. Temporarily the hawkers do shift to ‘the other side’ when one authority takes action but later same scenario again.


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35 MNS activists went to the Kalyan end of Thane station adjoining platform 2 at 9:30 am and started smashing wares and evicting hawkers from around the entry-exit points.

After leaving from there they headed to the Mulund station and evicted the hawkers, then after warning the hawkers not to return after they leave from there.


As per the reports, one of the hawkers told TOI that more hawkers would succumb to the rampage and their stalls will be damaged if they don’t leave the spot soon inspite of knowing the MNS vandalism nearby.


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But there was a different scenario in Kalyan and Dombivli, MNS workers entered the station premises but found no hawkers there, hence vandalized stalls situated outside the stations. On the other hand, according to G C Hiremath, the Dombivli GRP booked MNS workers for carrying out a protest inside the station premises without permission.


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