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Know Top 6 Key Interesting Facts about Deepavali (Diwali)

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Diwali Facts

Mumbai: When it comes to winter holidays, people may think of Christmas and Halloween, however, majority of Hindus think of an important festival of the year and that’s Diwali. Popularly known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali has been celebrated since decades. There are certain facts that had deep facet to look upon but were never explored apart from sticking to mere tradition. Do you want to know what those facts are?

Let’s take you through some unknown and interesting facts about Deepavali (Diwali):


There are many stories as to how people started celebrating Diwali. Its evolution and why we celebrate them is an interesting topic to explore. It’s the only festival which is celebrated in the country by almost everyone.


In this article, we give you the top reasons why we celebrate Diwali.


1. History of Diwali

Out of several stories available in the record, there is one story that states that Lord Krishna’s wife Sathyabhama was the one who eliminated Narakasur. Narakasur could only be killed by his mother Bhudevi and as Satyabhama was an incarnation of the same Bhudevi, Narakasur’s fate was to be killed by Bhudevi. However, before his death, Narakasur realized his mistake and as a part of his repentance, he requested a boon from Satyabhama that everyone should celebrate his death with colorful lights. Thus, to commemorate his death, the event is celebrated in some parts of India as Naraka Chaturdasi, just two days before Diwali day.


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2. The Old Tradition of Burning Firecrackers

The most unique feature of Diwali celebration is its lights and firecrackers. The lights and firecrackers not just enlightens your house but also everyone’s face with smile. The smile of celebration to witness the whole country being in the lap of resplendent lights and the sounds of the firecrackers. Some people believe it’s the way to show the heavenly bodies that we are in joy and prosperity.


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Another angle falls towards more on scientific reason is that the fumes of crackers kill the harmful insects of the rainy season.

3. Gambling is Good

Sounds bizarre! Well no, essentially, it’s a strange fact we get to you. Playing gambling is a kind of a very old tradition in Diwali. According to a mythological story – once goddess Parvati was playing dice with Lord Shiva during Diwali and she won. She announced that whosoever would gamble on the day of Diwali would mint wealth throughout the year. Interesting right!


4. Golden Temple Foundation Laid in Diwali

It would be much of a surprise for most of the people but a very true fact is that the foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid on the occasion of Diwali and the festival is celebrated by the Sikhsat, the Golden Temple since 1577.


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5. Diwali Festival Outside India

Diwali is not just celebrated in India, it’s also hosted very lavishly outside India by the English city of Leicester. We recently heard how US’ newly elected President, Donald Trump celebrated Diwali in the Oval Office of the White House with Indian-American members of the administration.


6. Diwali is an Official Holiday in Other Countries as well

You would be surprised to know that the festival of Diwali is not just a national holiday only in India but in a number of other countries too. Countries like Guyana, Fiji, Mauritius, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Nepal, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and even in Pakistan, there is an official holiday on Diwali.


We take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy and Safe Diwali. Try and celebrate the eco-friendly Diwali this year and play the role of a responsible citizen.



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