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Kerala Witnessed BJP led Jan Raksha Yatra, Know The Purpose

Jan Raksha Yatra in Kerela, BJP Led Jan Raksha Yatra, Jan Raksha Yatra
Jan Raksha Yatra in Kerela

Mumbai: BJP’s 15-day calendar Jan Raksha Yatra came to an end. As per BJP, the yatra will target “Jihadi-Red terror” as the party alleges a spike in murderous attacks on its workers and members in the state by the CPM cadre. These attacks ascended more from the time the party (CPM) came to power in Kerala last year.

The BJP official put up a 4 minute video on Twitter which worked in their favor in highlighting the violence against the BJP and RSS workers.


BJP claims that 14 of its members have been killed since then in Kannur alone and 120 in all of Kerala since 2001. On Tuesday, Amit Shah continuing his midway left rally said, “More than 120 BJP workers have been martyred. What was their fault?”. Further adding, he said, “CPI(M) leader and Kerala Chief Minister Vijayan is directly responsible for all political murders in Kerala.”


According to the Crime Bureau statistics, since 1991 in Kannur, 45 CPM activists, 44 of the BJP, 15 of the Congress and four from the Muslim League have been killed.


Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan hit back at the BJP through the Facebook post as soon as Mr. Shah launched the yatra, saying, “The Sangh Parivar shouldn’t think that they can make inroads into Kerala by false propaganda. The state government is committed to ensure peace. Instead of fueling false stories and processions, people expect central ministers and ruling party leadership to control their workers and ensure peace.”

The party who has been setting its foothold in several states of the country except in Kerala as it’s the only state for years where the party is yet to make any significant electoral gains. Hence, Amit Shah has been making focused and rigorous efforts to gain a foothold ever since he took over as the party chief in 2014.


As per the last year’s assembly elections, the party out of 140-member Kerala assembly had won only a single seat. Shah is in the constant process to change that, preferably before national election in 2019. This is because he believes that Kerala will play a vital role in contributing to a BJP return to power.  If this happens, Shah knows that this would be historic as the party has never won a parliament seat from Kerala.


For years, Kannur has witnessed clashes between Left activists and those of the BJP and its ideological mentor the RSS. Since May last year, CPM-led Left Democratic Front has won the assembly elections in Kerala. The reports making rounds revealed that there has been eight gruesome political murders in which five are BJP workers and three from the CPM that have been killed allegedly by political rivals.


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