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Top 5 Confessions Between Couples, a Turning Point in Their Relationship

Confessions by Couples, Couple Confession, Lovebird Confession
Confessions by Couples
A couple behave in a specific pattern to keep their relationship healthy. They have a committed mindset which evolves and change with time. What If someone asks you “you are married since so long, how well do you know each other?” Freezed!! This is a case of most of the couples until they are friendly enough to share their hidden secrets of past or present and have confessed in front of their partner. 



So, let’s see those top 5 hidden truths that you must know about each other for a healthy, long lasting and stronger relationship. 


1.You are Unhappy in Bed

Not necessary what you think or feel every time, your partner will feel the same. One of the most common reason of not having a happy married life is not having proper sex life with your better halve, don’t be shocked, it’s truth! Like faking an orgasm is something many women will admit to one another in silence. But won’t let their man know considering his emotions may get hurt or he may feel bad. Such things shouldn’t be kept to oneself ever, it needs to be discussed between both of you so that you can enhance and better your sex drive.


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2. Had a Traumatic Past

Some events in our lives take place so suddenly could be during childhood, college or whenever, not necessary will just affect us right when they happen. The aftershocks of past experience, especially if they are sexual in nature control the way we are in our current Relationship. Such things often take toll. What makes a person hold on to their secrets are fear. Wondering in self assumption if they discuss such things with their mate, they’ll be judged or love would be lost. Don’t forget the more you hide such things, the future consequence will be far terrible as distance will start building up and become stressful. Wherein, sharing and opening up with your mates will widen up that love.


3. Couples Tend to be Curious about Each Other

Curiosity will remain as long as you are together as couples are curious about each other by nature. They ask questions. They remain open to trying new things.


Do you remember how you began your budding love? When you were all excited to do new things together and were curious and interested about knowing things happening in each other’s life? That shouldn’t change. After all we are hardwired for novelty and seek that out.



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4. Be Open

There should be discussion among couples very often. Discuss, share, argue, and disagree. But vent out those things that are in your mind as it’s important. Even the difficult subjects. Effective communication skills are vital to having a conversation that doesn’t become circular in nature, but is more inclined to have a resolution, even if it’s that the couple agrees to disagree. Both of you’ll can use your voice. There is no such things of ‘No fight’ in a relationship. Every Relationship goes through ‘fight mode’. This only strengthen their relationship more.


5. Don’t hold Baggage

Let’s face it!! Every couple has a baggage which it brings when they enter into a relationship. Some hold onto and carry on with each other, while couples who believe in knowing each other to the core don’t hold any baggage that would cause any disturbance in a relationship in future. Thus, fix a moment with each other and speak your heart out so that all those baggages get unloaded for forever from your life. 


Healthy couples continue to grow and evolve. They put the effort into being a better person. They bring their best self to the table. 


Healthy couples don’t focus on all the negative and understand that to have the good times, you have to recognize that there will be difficult and challenging times.


This is how happy couples maintain their healthy relationship flawlessly, because they do not hide instead share their heart out. They introspect enough to examine their mistakes, make necessary changes, and improve. Do get in touch with our Relationship Experts to solve your relationship problems.



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