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Who Is Lucinda Nicholas and Why is She Compared to Katrina Kaif

Lucinda Nicholas in Big Boss, Lucinda Nicholas compared with Katrina Kaif
Lucinda Nicholas in Big Boss 11

Back then and now, reality shows that is being broadcasted by private channels will become a turning point for somebody in their career especially in Cinema industry. One such show which is giving equal opportunities for both the celebrities as well as a common being is the Big Boss show. Even though this show has been inherited from a reality show of Dutch, Big Brother format developed by John de Mol, it has received huge audience in India too. Shilpa Shetty, one of the famous Indian actress has gained huge popularity by winning the Big Brother telecasted by Channel 4. It was the turning point for her career in Bollywood.

Back to the point, as of now, the hot topic in the town is, the Big Boss season 11. This show is hosted by Salman Khan who has been hosting the show for the seventh time in Big Boss history and third time in a row. This season of Big Boss, already had a grand start on Sunday, October 1, 2017 evening as Salman Khan began the show by introducing commoner and celeb contestants. Lucinda Nicholas is one of the contestants entered as a “commoner” in this season. Even before the start of the show, she has already caught everyone’s attention for not only being an international participant but also a former beauty queen. She is a renowned Australian Model cum Actress and a qualified yoga instructor. Even though she may have seem to enter the show as a commoner, her popularity in the glamour industry makes her no less than a celebrity in the house.


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Some of the information about her are,


She is an Australian model who has starred in some Australian and Indian movies. While pursuing her Degree on Law, she was made to enter the Miss World race and there, she went ahead and was crowned as the Miss World South Australia 2010 at the age of 17.


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She also worked as a model with some legitimate south Australian brands. Lucinda showed up in various hit melodic recordings. The song she did with the name “Frequency” has covered an audience of more than 5 million.

In an industry of a meteoric rise of talent across all over the world every single second and an amazing list of filmography added to her list at such a young age. The question that comes to many Indians and Media experts is will Lucinda Nicholas be the next Katrina Kaif from the West?


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With the Indian media already comparing her with UK-born Bollywood starlet Katrina Kaif, it seems Lucinda is on her way to stardom. “It’s incredible they have compared us,” Lucinda says. “I’ve got huge shoes to fill; she’s very well-established but I’m looking forward to the challenge.”



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