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College Ragging: How Dangerous It is and How to Tackle Them

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College ragging

College days are one of the best part in our life. The college tour, making new friends, blossoming love, staff-students relationship, all will continue being in our memory till the end of our life. One of the most interesting and as well as troublesome concepts of colleges for fresher are ragging. Even though it might be funny and entertaining, some students went way beyond and rag the juniors in such a way that it had even ended up fatal. There are many notorious cases of ragging from famous colleges in India. One of the gruesome murder case in which a medical college student named David murdered and dismembered the body of his junior Pon Navarasu from the same college as a result of ego issue when he refused to strip and lick David’s footwear as a part of ragging. This case caused a public outcry which resulted in passing an anti-ragging ordinance criminalising ragging. Later this ordinance was formalised as the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997. Despite this act, still ragging is prevailing in some colleges in funnier way.

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Let’s see some of the funny form of ragging and how to tackle the seniors and escape from it:


1. “Go and talk to some girl especially juniors and ask their name and mobile number”. This actually is not a ragging but rather a benefit to get to know the junior girls and befriend them.


2.  Asking a set of fresher to dance for a song which they sing.


3. Shave you beard for one week that too only one side. Even though this might be funny, it will end up in humiliation which will hurt the fresher.


4. Asking fresher to form a queue and move around the campus giving the sounds of a train.


5. Continue telling jokes until the toughest person in the group laughs.


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6. Asking a fresher to imitate scenes from movies.


7. Asking them to play their favourite sports but on one condition i.e. without any equipment.

8. Asking freshmen to give their intro rather loud…so loud or better scream


9. Giving some random stuffs and asking them to sell it to anybody in the campus


10. Reply in a singing tone for whatever questions the senior ask.


11. Always call the seniors sir/mam and whenever they see them, wish them good morning/good noon/good evening.


Now let’s see some steps to escape from the ragging or rather tackle the situation:


1. Always know the difference between ragging and abusing. Whenever the ragging goes little farther by hurting your personal spaces, say a strict “No”


2. Generally ragging is classified as Physical, Mental and Sexual. A little extent of Mental and Physical ragging is okay if at all it is funny and hurts no one. You should know where to put full stop when it crosses the limit.


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3. When you are surrounded by strangers, you should try judging them wisely and get attached to the ones who are best fit to your character.


4. Don’t try to act over smart as it may irritate the seniors.


5. Try to get attached to your fellow mates as ragging seem to more evident when you are alone


6. Always maintain self-control and a little sense of humour will always help in getting friendly with the seniors.


7. If it goes beyond the limit, take necessary action by complaining it to the college officials. You can also call nationwide anti-ragging help line toll-free number 1800-180-5522


Take everything a little light and Enjoy your college days !!!



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