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Banaras Hindu University Case: What Happened in BHU

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BHU Students Against the Management

BHU which stands for Banaras Hindu University is on the boil as a result of a so-called eve-teasing incident which is, reportedly, a  sexual harassment case that took place on last Thursday, September 21, 2017. The prestigious BHU University has been continuously on the news for over a year as result of several controversial restrictions it made including ban of non-vegetarian food in women’s hostel and restrictions on movement of women after the sunset. Now a harassment case has also joined with the BHU.

Here’s the portrayal of the incident that happened at BHU which is responsible for the rage of protests by students. On Thursday, September 21, 2017, a girl from the Bachelor of Fine Arts department was returning from varsity’s campus to the Triveni Hostel at evening. It was then that three men in their motorcycles molested her by hurling abuses, passing lewd remarks and touching her inappropriately. When the girl cried for help no one including the security guard who is only a few meters away from that place did not move to help her. By the time, the girl reached the hostel, she was traumatized by the incident happened to her. Other girls soothed and comforted her. When they gave her confidence, she narrated the incident.


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When a group of students went to complaint about it to warden, instead of listening to them, the warden started asking random questions and blamed the victim for returning so late to the hostel. The alleged response of the warden triggered the girls and they protested against him outside the security guard room at midnight. After sometime they left, but came up with a bigger protest on the following Friday morning in front of the Lanka gate at BHU campus. Their protests was heated up when girls from other courses also joined. It is then the Vice Chancellor of BHU, Girish Chandra Tripathi called and warned them to dissolve the protest and suspended 10 students without listening to their explanations. The protest took a violent turn when the college authorities informed the police to take charge and dissolve the protest.

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The police resorted lathicharge on the protesters who were mainly girls. As a result of lathicharge, several students were injured. On Sunday, the male students of the university also joined the protest. But it seems that the silent march towards police station on Sunday also didn’t end up well, when the policemen started chasing them and made them to flee.


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“We are running as police personnel are behind us wielding their lathis. Is this the way to deal with silent and non-violent protest on the campus,” Akansha Sahay, a protesting student, had told.


While this is one side, the college issued a saying that the protest by the girls demanding safety on the campus was politically motivated as a result of Modi’s visit to Varanasi.


One of the most damaging statements made by VC to downplay the reason for the protest, asserting at the outset that it is “not an incident of molestation, it is one of eve-teasing”. This statement further added fire to the protest.


Chief Proctor of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) O.N. Singh submitted his resignation to Vice-Chancellor, Dr Girish Chandra Tripathi on Thursday, Sep 28 following this incident and protests.


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