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Mumbai: Parel-Elphinstone Foot-Over-Bridge Stampede

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Parel - Elphinestone Road Station Stampede

Mumbai: Early peak hours of today has witnessed a tragic news from the Parel and Elphinstone Foot Over Bridge (FOB) where 22 people have lost their lives due to stampede and around 36 people injured. All have been taken to the nearby KEM hospital.

This incident took place in between 10:15am-11am, it was raining heavily and the commuters to shelter themselves started clogging on the foot-over-bridge, which ended into chaotic like situation, it became so congested that the people going upwards and downwards couldn’t move anywhere and were literally blocked and locked breath-tight. This resulted into stampede and loss of lives.


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Both the stations are among the most crowded in the city and among the most dangerous too. At the first place, the FOB is a small lane, even that is split into two and secondly at every point of time, you will find this station crowded as it caters to office-goers in the Lower Parel area. The station, on the Western Line of the Mumbai suburban also connects to Parel station on the Central line.


The daily Commuters travelling through this route using Parel and Elphinstone Road stations will tell you that there are stampede-like situations every day.


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Regarding widening the Parel station FOB, there has been a talk about it for decades. It is said that the project was on the roll for past 6 months and worth 100 crores were spent on it yet no measures were undertaken.

The Commissioner of Police, Central Region, S Jayakumar called the reason for stampede as rain and overcrowding.


While Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, tweeted ‘Just landed in Mumbai Deeply grieved at tragic loss of innocent lives due to an unfortunate stampede at Elphinstone Road foot over bridge.’ Also, he visited the deceased at KEM hospital and announced Rs.1 lakh compensation to the grievously injured.


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Even the ones who are not severely injured will be given the compensation of Rs. 50,000.


Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis too expressed his condolences on the tragedy, and announced a compensation of Rs.5 lakhs for the families of those who died. He also tweeted that all the medical expenses of the injured will be taken care of by his government.



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