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Rahul Gandhi Visits America’s Princeton University, Key Takeaways

Rahul Gandhi at Princeton University, Rahul speech at Princeton, Prince Speech Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi at Princeton University

Bangalore: Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi who is on a two-week long tour to United States has visited Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. He gave an hourly speech addressing the students of the university about various issues in India concerning Sino-India relations, unemployment and job creation, gender parity and PM Modi’s brain child Make-in-India. He also spoke about the challenges India is facing and development India have been making.

Here are some key takeaways from his speech:


In his speech, he compared India with China. He stated that China and India consists of majority of population in the world. And how these countries are performing in world market are going to reshape the world. China is having a clear and powerful vision and is entering spaces with ‘One Belt, One Road‘. China is working tremendously to make true of its vision. He doubted whether India has any vision like that. If at all it has, he questioned, what it will look like? How much co-ordination is going between us and them? After all, he said that India is not doing a great job in competing with China.


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 “It’s not my place to say that China should be democratic or not. They have chosen their path and we have chosen ours, we have to figure out how to get our jobs. We have to basically compete with China” he said.

He also noted that according to him the strategic relationship with United States is important apart from India’s relationship with China and Russia.


He said that he likes Narendra Modi’s Make In India concept. But he feels like it should target the medium and small scale businesses rather than large scale businesses since most of the former companies are not getting access to finance or to the legal system or the political system. He also added that if make in India concept is implemented well, it will be a powerful idea.

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He gave his comments in case of unemployment also where he stated “Employment is an al-encompassing means to empower, enfranchise and involve Indians in the nation building process”. He believes that Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Donald Trump was given power, since people are in pain due to unemployment and cannot see a future. “So those same people who got angry with us because we could not deliver 30,000 jobs are going to get angry with PM Modi. If you, as a modern country, are unable to give them jobs, it’s difficult to give them vision,” he mentioned. He confessed that even congress party failed to solve the job growth problem and Mr. Modi is unable to do it either.


In case of gender equality, Rahul Gandhi mentioned the importance of gender equality and how so little is being done towards attaining the gender parity goals. Gender equality is the problem concerning not only India but also the entire world. Rahul said, “No way near enough is being done as far as the gender equality is concerned.”


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While speaking about the vision of Congress, he told that they are going to work in a vision for the next ten years which will mainly focus on agriculture, education and healthcare. He also stated that their previous mission of 2004 and 2012 has run into trouble.


He mentioned that transparency is needed for Committee system. There is access to information problem in India and not expertise problem. He said, “I would like to open up the legislature to experts and students so that they can help us with the law making structure. It is not only a question of decentralisation of power, it is the question of right amount of decentralisation of power to the right level.”


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