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Measures Every School Must Take to Avoid Pradyuman Thakur Like Murder Case

Pradyuman Thakur School Ryan International, Ryan International School where Pradyuman Thakur Studied
Pradyuman Thakur School Ryan International

Bangalore: A 7-year old boy who was really excited about his friend’s birthday was unaware of the horrific incident that is about to kill him in School. Pradyuman Thakur who was son of Varun Chand Thakur and Jyoti Thakur was a class 2 student at Ryan International School at Gurgaon, Haryana. On Friday, September 8, 2017, the day was a little special to Pradyuman Thakur since it was his friend Sarvesh’s birthday this day. He was full of happiness and excitement and he would have at least mentioned thrice that he will accompany his friend to distribute chocolates inside the school premises.

Varun Thakur who is working as a Quality Manager at Orient Craft used to take his son to school daily. Like any other day, he took Pradyuman and his sister Vidhi to drop at school. At around 8 am, as soon as Ashok reached home after dropping his two children at school he received a call from the school that his son who was found outside the washroom bleeding and they have rushed him to the hospital. Reportedly by the time Ashok reached the hospital, his boy was no more.


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“Like any other day, he went to school bidding me bye. The moment my husband reached home, he received a call from the school that there’s an emergency. We rushed to the hospital to learn that our son is no more,” said Jyoti Thakur, Pradyuman’s mother.


Here is what happened:


After Varun left his son inside the Ryan International School premise, Pradyuman went to washroom to answer his nature call. When he entered the washroom, Ashok Kumar, who is the bus conductor from the same school was masturbating. When Ashok saw Pradyuman, he tried to sexually assault him. But, when Pradyuman resisted his attempts, Ashok attacked him with the knife which he had stolen from the bus driver to take it to his home. He slit his throat twice using the knife. Some students found Pradyuman bleeding and alerted the teachers who then informed the school management and rushed to the hospital where he is informed dead on arrival. Following this incident the acting principal of Ryan International School, Neerja Batra was suspended.


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According to a research, around 70 % of school children in India, are subject to physical assault in schools out of which 50% cases are sexual assault cases. Even though this figure seems to lean more towards public schools but on the other hand private schools are also not immune to such incidents.


To avoid any such incidents in future, all schools should ensure whether the following measures are taken:


1. Outsiders should be strictly prohibited inside any school campus.


2. Parents or the caretaker should be given bearer cards with the pictures of the students and caretakers in it.

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3. Every student apart from those who opt school vans should be sent out with only the bearer card holders.


4. Compound walls built across the campus should be high so that no strangers can enter from there.


5. Small children from kinder gardens should always be accompanied by a person, including while using restrooms.


6. Persons apart from teaching staff should be restricted from using the student’s restrooms.


7. Persons who work as bus conductors, drivers and scavengers should be selected after a thorough background check.


8. Sex education should be made compulsory in schools.


9. Small children and students should be informed about “good touch” and “bad touch” and how to react under such situations.


We hope, in future, no more Pradyuman will fall prey to such incidents.



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