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5 Questions to Ask Your Child to Know What is Happening with Him/Her in His/Her School


Mumbai: Education is the first weapon and probably the only weapon that every parents wish to give their children. To achieve this, they take so much of efforts by investing all their time, money and energy. After all, no gain without pain right? But amidst all of this, how many of you’ll believe in spending couple of hours with your little ones just to question apart from studies in school, how is he feeling in the school environment?

As sometimes, things may seem fine to you but that isn’t the case always. It’s easy to ignore once your child had a fight with his friend in school but it is not easy to take lightly if your child is unhappy in the school environment irrespective of putting him/her in the city’s best school.


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This is why you should be spending time with your child to know how they feel in the school, as you’re less like parents and more like friends. Approaching your child and seeking day-to-day school stories from him/her can make them open up with you more open heartedly.


Your child might be experiencing social problems, during times that are less structured. That could include periods like recess or during transitions from one classroom to another or while using the toilet. Trying to know about these times can give you an idea about your child’s social circumstances.

Moreover, the most important aspect, that you listen to them without any judgment or any kinds of opinions. Have a control on your sudden reactions so that your kids feel like they can tell you anything and everything. Make it easy for them to open up about their day and even admit mistakes and vulnerabilities. He will appreciate this far more than any advice you can offer.


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Continue maintaining the same concern as you did when your child came home first few days of school to throughout his schooling days.


Here are 5 questions that can help you know your child’s mind-set about things that could be happening with him/her at school, also it can help you start a conversation with them.

To keep a conversation going between you and your child try asking them more of open-ended kind of questions. If you ask questions that has one word straight forward answer like yes, no, a name, then you will probably get a one-word response only.


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At times, it could be difficult for a child to express specifically about things happening with him/her or if he/she is not comfortable with something. Therefore, you have to ask for specific information when you want it.


Keep the conversation more casual by asking questions like what is a nice thing you said to someone today? Or What’s a nice thing someone said to you today?


Refraining from the usage of emotion-packed words such as happy, sad, mean because avoiding these can help the conversation go on longer and carefree.


Having conversation with positive questions gives your child a chance to express concerns. Whereas, negative questions tend to stop a conversation. Even schools must practice certain pattern to curb any child abuse.



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