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Top 5 Traits For A Perfect Partner – Every Girl Must Know!

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Tips to get Best Partner by Girls

It is every girl’s dream to have a charming prince in her life. It is  quite obvious that even you would dream the same, wouldn’t you? However, between dreaming and reality there is a thin hairline difference that every girl should be aware of before taking the ride on their dream leading into a heartbreak in reality.


Girls often, being emotional, end up making mistakes in choosing the wrong partner. No doubt at one point of time, you definitely need someone whom you could call your own. But did you ever take a moment to think on if that someone you choose is really the one you were looking for?

This kind of dilemma does take a toll on every girl especially in 20s when you seek a partner to share your thoughts with. It often, later, becomes deeper, more intense and demands fulfillment than they ever were in your teenage years.


To help you get rid of these dilemma, we bring you top 5 traits that every woman in their twenties and beyond should look for before getting into any commitment.


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Every Relationship is unique and there is no thumb rule every person in a relationship has to follow. ‘One shoe doesn’t fit all’ is the only rule for everyone in a relationship.


1. His Interest in Commitment

Is this guy really serious about you on a long term or is he simply passing his time with you? Alternatively, may be due to loneliness he wants you, but at the same time, some could look for serious commitment too.


Test his genuineness and interest in going ahead for relationship with you. Take your time to get close to him, and watch his behaviour.

2. Does he hold respect for you?

A great partner is the one who will respect you in every way and above all, will respect you for the person you are and won’t treat you like you’re nothing more than his arm candy. He’ll make every possible efforts to keep you happy and try to impress you like look good for you because he doesn’t want to disappoint you.  Try to make a good impression on your friends and family, display his chivalrous side every time he’s with you.


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3. Someone Proud of you Irrespective of your Position

Dream comes true when you are with someone who encourages you and is proud and supportive of everything that you do. This boosts trust that you will not be intimidated by the goals or ambitions that you have. Nevertheless, you should be with someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who loves you because of who you are, not what you have done, provides a safety net for you to land in whenever you fail.


4. Does he respect your opinions

If your man considers you an equal and an intellectual whose ideas he respects, he’ll listen to you and consider your opinion before making a decision.


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A guy who doesn’t bother your opinion may pretend to care at the start of the relationship. With the passage of time, he may start reflecting that he doesn’t care what you say or think.


5. How focused is He in Life?

Obviously, he doesn’t have to be a millionaire but when you talk about your man, know well how focused is he in his life? Does he have any secured plans for the future?


If a guy isn’t focused in life, there are chances he could be in a mess. He may not seem like a mess initally, especially if he seems cool like a guy. As such guys who don’t have goals or aren’t focused on anything in life ends up frustrated or lost!


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