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‘Partition: 1947’ or ‘Viceroy’s House’ Banned in Pakistan: 6 Reasons to Know

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Partition: 1947 Banned in Pakistan

Bangalore: A British-Indian film called ‘Partition: 1947’ or ‘Viceroy’s House’ based on India-Pakistan partition is gathering news from last many days. The movie is directed by Gurinder Chadha and is written by Paul Mayeda Verges, Moira and Chadha. ‘Partition: 1947’ has already been released in United Kingdom on March 3 and the Hindi Dubbed version ‘Partition: 1947’ got released recently just 3 days post India’s 70th Independence Day i.e. on Aug 18, 2017. The film narrates the story of the trauma that people went through due to the division and how it changed their lives.



The British Film Director, Gurinder Chadha of Sikh origin, went back to Rawalpindi, where his mother grew up, to trace her roots and document events that acted as a catalyst in India’s partition. This was done to bring the real facts in his movie. This film is banned from releasing in Pakistan despite it being as Chadha put forward, “the land of her ancestors”.  The Sindh Film Censor Board deemed it unsuitable.


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Let’s see why this movie is banned in the perspective of different people:


1. Even though, the film mainly revolves around the character of Lord Mountbatten and portrays nothing negative about Pakistan, the people of the Sindh Board feels that the character of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is not portrayed correctly.


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2. Although Jinnah’s character doesn’t appear that many times in the movie, the board feels that the actor playing the role of Jinnah doesn’t resemble to Jinnah.



3. The political narrative of the film, reportedly, contradicts the national interest of Pakistan.


4. This movie embeds a fictionalized Hindu-Muslim love story in her faux-historical pastiche about the Partition of India and its horrific fallout. The result isn’t salutary.


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5. It is assumed that ‘Partition: 1947’ has been banned in Pakistan owing to the country’s contentious take on the Partition and its causes.


6. The film, however, has been panned for being a superficial version of “Downton Abbey” (a historical period drama television series) and a pointless exercise where Mountbatten has been glorified as a hero.


Pakistan has been strict in allowing to release Indian films in its country from last few months now. Banning ‘Partition: 1947’ from releasing has only added fuel in the fire and netizens are thrashing Pakistan for the ban.




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