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5 Signs by a Girl that Shows She Likes You

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Signs She Likes you

This is really a matter of discussion among boys to get a hint from a girl they are targeting the arrows of love to. Boys try all their tricks to find out if the girl they like, like them in return. This task becomes little difficult since girls are known for hiding their feelings unlike guys. To make your task easier, we bring you our best 5 signs from a girl that shows that she has fallen for you


1.  Eye Contact

“Eyes are the gateway to the soul”, this is really true in a girl’s case. She will oftenly make an eye contact with you if she adores you in order to encourage you for your first move towards her.


2.  She will Get Close to You

If a girl is getting close to you, leans on your shoulder and finds every other way to engage with you, chances are that she likes your company. She will find ways to talk to you and stay in your company for long. If this is what you observe, boys, your tricks have started working and she has, somewhere, started liking you.


3.  If She Laughs in your Company than Ever

Making a girl laugh is really a big task. If your silly jokes make her laugh and make some cute gestures at you, chances are that she is loving your company and has started feeling for you.


4. She will ask a Lot of Personal Questions

If a girl is not interested in you, she will not even make a single effort to know you. But if she does, will try to dig out every single information and try to learn more about you in order to find out if you are the type of boy, she is looking for.


5.  It’s in the Hair

If you notice your girl playing with her hair even when there is no reason for her to do it, experts suggest that it may be her attempts to grab your attention. Your presence will make her more conscious about her looks and her dressing sense than generally. From rolling her hair in her finger to taking the hair in front are the signs that she wants your attention.


These are the few signs that we made you familiar with, however there are many which she shows to express her feelings. Try and understand them as quick as possible. You may ask our Relationship Experts a question and get a free advice from them without any waste of time.


All the best boys!!!!!!!!!



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