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North Korea eyes Washington, China Intervenes to Calm Down the Tension


Mumbai: The antics of North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un has had the world sitting on the edge and their economies rattling. Why only recently the Indian stock markets too fell consecutively for four days last week on geopolitical tensions created by North Korea’s threat to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads in the direction of American bases on Guam. Guam is a tiny island in the West Pacific ocean a few thousand miles from North Korea.

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The American military occupies approximately 30% of the island and is a strategic military U.S. hub with over thousands of American military personnel based there. And that’s the reason why North Korea wants to attack it.


Last week Trump’s remark of ‘unleashing fire and fury on North Korea’ created ripples of fear amongst nations. However Trump made a gaffe because he apparently did not check how South Korea felt about it. The president of South Korea Moon Jae commented saying “Only the Republic of Korea can make the decision for military action on the Korean Peninsula”. This is a clear message to Trump that Seoul must be involved in any decision to go to war.


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The South Korean President also urged North Korea “not to cross the red line”. Also China, North Korea’s only ally has been putting pressure on the ‘hermit nation’ not to conduct another nuclear test and escalate unnecessary tension.


Heeding to pressure, North Korea has backed down on the threat to launch missiles on Guam. Meanwhile Trump tweeted positively saying that the move was a ‘very wise and reasoned decision’. China has also stated categorically that there could be no military solution to the problem only a diplomatic one, stressing the necessity to put the brakes on all provocative actions and statements.

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The world breathes in relief at least for now.




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