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Know India’s Ranking in Top 5 Categories

India's International Ranking
India's International Ranking

Mumbai: India celebrates its 71st Independence Day, the 71 years of struggle, hardships and glory. Where our neighbor country, Pakistan still depends on foreign monetary help to survive, India has been steady in making its mark in the growth category. Today, India is counted among the top contributors in the world’s economy. The world applauded New Delhi when Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched 104 satellites together this year in the month of February. On the occasion of India’s 71st Independence day, we bring you India’s Ranking in top 5 categories

1. Military Ranking

As per the report available from Global Firepower Index (GFI) and Credit Suisse as on 01 Feb 2017, India ranks 4th in the world in Military power. With $ 50 billion military budget and 23,35,000 active military personnels, India is the key strategic player in the world due to its military power.


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2. English Speaking

As per the data available through Census of India, India ranks second in the world in terms of English Speaking. English speaking comes into consideration in our list because of its prominence and being the official language of as many as 67 countries in the world.


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3. GDP Growth Rate

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a monetary value of all finished goods & services produced within a country in a specific time. India ranks 6th in the world in the GDP Growth rate with its GDP Growth Rate being 7.6% estimated in 2016 by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

4. Internet Usage

India ranks 2nd in terms of Internet Usage in the world as per the report published by Internet World Stats. No doubt, New Delhi must rank such high after Reliance Jio brought it’s free internet usage tariff for its users. Although, according to Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chief Mukesh Ambani, India ranks first in broadband penetration in the world.


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5. Wealthiest Country

India is 126th Wealthiest Country among the total of 189 Wealthiest Countries in the world, as per Global Finance Ranking based on data collected till October 2016 and published in Feb 2017. Global Finance has ranked Qatar as the Wealthiest Country in the world while United States (US) at 13th, Russia at no. 52 and China being at 81st rank.


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