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Blue Whale Game: What’s in it and What is making Children Die after playing it?

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Blue Whale Game

Mumbai: Technology was made to make human lives simpler but who knew that the same technology would cause human deaths. Atleast an online game known as ‘Blue Whale Game’ is proving technology hazardous to human lives especially to the new age group. A game which requires it’s participants to commit suicide at the end has, strangely, been into existence from almost past 4 years. As many as 100 have died to conquer the challenges in the ‘Blue Whale Game’. Yes, you heard us right. Not 1, not 2 but 100 of the participants from China, United States, Brazil, Russia and many other countries including India have lost their lives to accomplish the levels of the challenges in the game.

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Blue Whale Game comprise of 50 day challenge which are allotted to the participants from an anonymous administrator. The administrator gives 1 challenge per day which includes self-mutilation like cutting a body part, carving a particular phrase on one’s arm, standing on the bridge or the roof and many such tasks while committing suicide at the end.


Blue Whale Game is not a game but a set of challenges set up for a period of 50 days. The game came into existence in 2013 in Russia and is participated mostly by the social media savvy children. It caused it’s first suicide in 2015. The founder of the challenge, Philipp Bideikin, is a former Russian Psychology student who was expelled from his university. The purpose, revealed by its founder, of forming Blue Whale Game was to ‘clean’ the society from those who’s life was a ‘biological waste’. Philipp was found guilty for abating atleast 16 teenage girls for suicide and was sentenced to 3 year jail. The children or the teenagers fall prey to this ‘game’ through various hashtags on social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


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A similar incidence of a 14 year old boy committing suicide by jumping from a 7 storeyed building in Mumbai’s Andheri was doubted to be due to Blue Whale Challenge. However there was no evidence to prove the cause being Blue Whale Challenge. The most recent case was reported from West Bengal’s Anandpur where a 10th grade student was found dead in his bathroom. His face was covered with a plastic bag tied by a cotton cord around his neck.

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