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5 Rules by Government to be Aware of before Participating in Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi Risks, Dahi Handi Rules by Government, Safety Measures in Dahi Handi
Dahi Handi Risks and Government's directions for Safe Dahi Handi

With the onset of Janmashtami, the Youth is all prepared for the most awaited adventure i.e Dahi Handi. Watching people make human (Govindas) pyramid to break the Handi can never be any less joyful moments. The occasion pulls huge number of youth into participation but also invites troubles. While making the human pyramid, people fall and injure themselves and sometimes it becomes fatal.


The Government has thus taken strict steps to have a bar on the height of Dahi Handi and also the age group which would be allowed to participate in the festival.

5 Rules by the Government to be aware of before participating in Dahi Handi are:


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Children below the age of 14 years cannot participate in the Dahi Handi festival and also according to the statutory provisions laid down under the Child and Adolescent (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, which prevents children below the age of 14 years from being employed in any occupation, including ‘Dahi Handi’.


No imposition of any kind, on the height of human pyramid formations, but depends on the State Legislature, if they want to impose any height restriction, they can.


According to the State Government, the organizers of Dahi Handi festival would provide Chest Guard, Helmets, Safety Belts and Mattresses for all Dahi Handi ‘Govindas’ across the state. In the guidelines, it has also been stated that a strong network of Nylon rope will be used at every venue.


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All the participants must be registered for the security purpose.

First aid and ambulances must be ready at the venue and the participants should be given medical facility immediately after being wounded and sent to the hospital.


All these initiatives have been taken by the Government to curb the amount of accidents that happen during this festival. Some will welcome these initiatives but some will definitely call these initiatives ‘Fun-limiting’.


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Accidents can happen anytime anywhere. Hence, there must be proper safety measures to minimize the injuries during the festivals. Like every festival which teaches us something, Dahi Handi teaches us Teamwork, Leadership, Value of a Chain, Initiative and Getting back up when one falls down. These are basics of life that one needs to learn from this auspicious Hindu festival. With the hope that Fun remains at its peak level like it has always been, may this Dahi Handi be a lot more happier than it was even with the restrictions by the government for a ‘good cause’.


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