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5 Best Spots for Extreme Passionate Lovers in India

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Best Places in India for Lovers

“The Best Things in Life are the People We Love, the Places we’ve Been and All the Memories we’ve Made Along the Way” – Anonymous


With the Shor in the City and Life in a Metro, people are having a hard time to get emotionally and mentally de-stressed which is becoming a cause for a monotonous life. Everyone needs a break from their routine activities. The ‘Singles’ can always find ways to go anywhere with no constraints whatsoever, but,  when it comes to couples, they find it a hard time to spend some quality time together which results in an invisible gap which keeps on widening. Thus couples should try to plan out short vacations so that they can de-stress themselves and also spend some time together knowing their partner better and to cherish the memories forever.

India has a lot of tourist destinations for couples and there is a long list which goes on from North to South and East to West, as every city or state has some or the other place to attract couples.


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To make your time memorable you need to figure out what kind of vacation you want as a couple? Is it adventure or if you are looking for adrenaline rush or a peaceful place where you can soak in the sights, away from all the disturbances; and the next thing comes is the budget.


As the list for romantic destinations is very long, thus, we have picked up 5 best places for couples in India where they can spend some memorable time.


Starting from North come Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir which gives a feeling of Heaven on Earth. With the high mountains, lush valleys, mesmerizing sceneries and lying back on the Shikaras with your soulmate gives you a feeling of tranquility and serenity.  A week’s trip can bring contentment and ease up all the tension.


In the West comes Jaisalmer, which is known for palaces, forts and elephant and camel rides. Sleeping in tents, watching Rajasthani cultural folk dance and sitting on the sand dunes watching the sunset.  A place for couples where they can spend their time enjoying other culture and music.


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Now comes in the most talked about place among couples i.e Goa. Goa is a place with no restrictions whatsoever. A place of sand,  sun and sea where there is adventure as well as serenity. A place which is known for its night life, adventure sports, forts and peaceful beaches. A week’s trip can spice up the love life and ease out any kinds of the tension.

In the East there is Darjeeling, West Bengal which is known as a hill station and a place with peace and calmness. A place wherein couples can soak in the sights of hills and tea gardens. Going to monasteries, trekking and roaming in toy trains can work as a bonding agent between couples.


Andaman Islands which is a trending destination among couples for adventure as well as peace. If couples are looking for adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling and visiting historic places and museums then Andaman is the place to visit. Resting on white sandy beaches wih your loved one can make you fall for your partner again. Port Blair, Andaman’s gateway is also connected by air and sea.


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The list of best places for couples is endless but if couples need a break from their life and want to spend some time together with a limited budget then these places can be an option to ease out the mental and emotional tension and to fall for the one you love all over again.


In the end I would like to end this with a quote for all the couples


“Good times come and go, but the memories will last forever…. Cherish it with the one you love as you never know when it will be the last one”


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