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Varnika Kundu, a stalking case victim or the new age Super Action Girl


Bangalore: Varnika Kundu is a Video Jockey who almost got kidnapped by the Haryana BJP state chief Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish Kumar. She is the daughter of senior Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in Haryana, Virender Singh Kundu.

Here is the incident which happened on August 6, 2017 midnight narrated by Varnika. Varnika Kundu was returning home in her car from the sector-8 market in Chandigarh at about 12.15 am. When she crossed sector-7, she realised that a white SUV was following her. No longer than she realised, the car started driving alongside hers. She noticed that there are two guys in the car who seemed to be drunk and enjoying themselves harassing and cornering her. When she decided to take a turn towards Madhya Marg, one of the crowded area which she felt little safer for her in that horrendous situation. Unfortunately the molesters didn’t allow her to do so.


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When she tried her luck for the second time, the car went a step further and blocked the road in front of her car and the guy from the passenger seat got off from the car and started walking towards her car. She didn’t wait any longer and reversed the car, headed straight and turned right so that they can’t catch her. After the turn, she didn’t see the car for few seconds. She used this time to dial the police station and inform her situation and the location where she is heading towards. She thought that she successfully got rid of that car, but she was wrong.


When she was driving towards Madhya Marg, the same SUV was whole time along her side trying every 10-15 seconds to stop her car. The guys incessantly bullied her, and finally at a signal they blocked her car, seemingly no space for her to escape. She was honking and reversed her car and moved to the right all this while constantly to call for any help. By this time, the guy reached her car, banged the window and tried to open the car door.

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At that time, she saw the PCR pull up the lights in response to her call. They understood the situation and couple of cops ran towards the SUV. She drove straight towards home, narrated the incident to her father Virender and asked to file a complaint against those bullies.


Very li’l that she knew that the two men in the SUV come from a political background. The two were arrested by the Chandigarh police and later released on bail due to political influence.

The shocking note given by the girl to the media, “If this is what women deal with in one of the safer cities in the country, where are we going? I find it shocking, that in a place with cameras at every light and cops every 200 metres, these boys thought they could either get into my car, or take me into theirs, just because they’re from an influential background”


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“Had I been the daughter of a common man, my case may have been hushed up”, the girl added.


Varnika and her father have vowed to fight for justice, saying that they will not bow under any pressure.


After learning the whole incidence, one may call the most ancient idiom ‘Diamond cuts Diamond’ very true and can be seen in this case.


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