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IGIMS asks employees to declare their ‘Virginity’, Corrects the Mistake later


Mumbai: In a turn of events that would be stranger than fiction, the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Patna has sent out a form asking its employees to declare their marital status and their ‘Virginity’. The marital declaration form is part of the employment form and is applicable to all newly recruited doctors and hospital staff who work at IGIMS. The form makes the employees answer very strange questions, like the number of wives that the male employee has. In case of a female employee, the number of wives her husband has and whether or not the employee in question is a ‘Virgin’.

Dr. Manish Mandal, the Deputy Medical superintendent of IGIMS told India Today in an interview that the marriage declaration form has been in place since 1984, when the institute was established. As per Central Services Rules, everyone has to fill the form. He further said that this form was similar to what the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (the institute that the IGIMS was modelled after) uses in Delhi. He added that IGIMS would only change their marriage declaration form if any change was made by AIIMS or Centre to their own forms.


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According to Mandal the need to specify one’s virginity was a measure to prevent any misdeeds. Mandal explained that “In the Central Services Rules there is a provision that when a person joins the service and later on, if she dies because of any eventuality, there may be a claimant or boyfriend who may come to seek job in place of the victim.”


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The form shows the underlying sexism that pervades all forms of Indian society even today. The first question asks whether the person filling out the form is a bachelor, a widower or a ‘Virgin’. Since the only two options for unmarried men and women are bachelor and ‘Virgin’, it is clear that the term ‘Virgin’ applies to women, showcasing the Indian mentality that it is not ‘right’ for a woman to have pre-marital sex.


The form also does not provide any options for widows as all the remaining questions apply to married women or widowers. A more proper approach would be to replace the options for ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Virgin’ with the generic option ‘Unmarried’ and add an option for widows. Dr. Mandal has also agreed that the word ‘Virgin’ was used incorrectly saying, “Essentially what is being asked in the form is whether a person is married or unmarried?  Personally, I feel the word used should have been ‘Unmarried’ instead of ‘Virgin’. That would have been sober but what is there in the rules have to be followed,”


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However, after the public furore over the issue, IGIMS has made the necessary changes and replaced ‘Virgin’ status to ‘Unmarried’ on Thursday.



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