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Mumbai will get their ‘Miami Beach’ soon? A 20 Crore worth project proposed

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Miami Beach is proposed in Mumbai

Mumbai: When we think of Miami beach, we think of fun, holiday spending and hefty bills in dollars. We sometimes wonder if we lived in US to enjoy the fun at the Miami beach more oftenly. What if we don’t have to spend in dollars and still get to have fun at Miami like beach in India. We bring you a dream-comes-true news and the news is that Mumbai may get a Miami like beach in the near future. The beach which has been chosen to be converted into Miami beach is none other than our Versova beach.

The local MLA Ameet Satam has proposed a project worth INR 20 Crore to turn the 28 acres Versova beach into a Miami beach. The project is a collective venture between Satam, Versova Citizens and Architect PK Das. Talking about his dream project, MLA Ameet Satam said, “Versova beach was encroached upon by 150 shanties. I had to get them demolished after personally standing on the site seven times. The beach is public open space for leisure, tourism and entertainment.” Satam expressed his desire to gift the city an international repute beach so that Tourism can be promoted which will boost the economy.


Marine Entertainment Zone (MEZ) which is proposed at Versova would have Water Sports, Beach Events, Beach shacks and Beach Cafes. It would also have beach sports like Kabaddi, Volleyball and India’s favourite Cricket.   With Ameet Satam joining hands with Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) to turn the Versova beach into a Marine Entertainment Zone, it will be interesting to see if the project will really take place like it is visualised.


Before you dream of anything more, we bring you our findings which may shatter your dream of getting a ‘Miami beach’ in Mumbai in the near future. In 2005, the then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram had shown Mumbaikars a INR 100 billion dream of turning India’s Financial Hub, Mumbai, into Shanghai. The proposed project included Mumbai Metro Rail Link, Beautification of International Airports, Removal of encroachments, The Mumbai Urban Infrastructural project and upgradation of King Edward Memorial Hospital among the others.


The then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Late Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh had sought guidance from the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, to turn Mumbai into Shanghai. However, 12 years from then, the result is before you, to decide what may happen to this INR 20 Crore project to turn Versova beach into Miami beach. However, we wish we get a Miami beach soon in Mumbai.


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