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United States unites with India against Pakistan, asks Pakistan to improve the ‘ties’

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US with India against Pakistan

Mumbai: A newspaper on Monday disclosed that US is standing with India firmly against its rival, Pakistan. In a report, The Nation, a Lahore headquartered daily newspaper, claimed that Washington is ‘clearly standing with New Delhi’ against the South Asian Nation, Pakistan. The US has reportedly told Pakistan to improve its relationship with New Delhi, citing a senior official from foreign ministry.

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Washington has also, reportedly, asked Pakistan to not just improve its relationship with India but also with the neighbor Afghanistan. In a conversation with The Nation, the senior foreign Official said, “It is sad that they (The US) don’t want to acknowledge our anti-terror successes. They are repeating the ‘do more’ mantra. We believe now India and Afghanistan have to do more. We are doing what we can”


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The official also blamed New Delhi and Kabul for the poor Relationship with Pakistan. “We have told them (The US) Pakistan has always wanted a dialogue but both India and Afghanistan were not responding” said the Official.


The US’ Pentagon recently declined the US$ 350 Million military aid to Pakistan for not acting firmly against a terror group ‘Haqqani Network’. The continuous pressure, The US is making on Pakistan is making Pakistan exposed of their real image before the world. The US also listed Pakistan as the ‘Safe Haven’ for terrorists last Wednesday.

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