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India is not acquiescent with China this time? Know here

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India and China are confronting each other this time

Lucknow: India and China are both ancient civilizations. They’ve  had centuries of cultural and business exchanges but at present, their relationship has been more unpleasant than sociable. As big economic and military powers, India and China are key strategic players in the world. Both nations are dealing with problems including a large population, huge rural-urban, rising economy and conflict with neighbors.


The bridle and intimidation between India and China these days does not hide that on the Doklam stand-off, Beijing may have a case. Yet, according to the posts of all three participants, namely, India, China and Bhutan, muddles up the situation. Clearly, the face-off brings to light the need for an urgent need for all participants to address issues through negotiations instead of military means.

India and China have already fought a full-scale war and a low intensity armed conflict. Beijing had higher stakes in the 1962 war because the Indian government decided not to use the Air Force. Whereas, in 1967, Beijing suffered losses before backing off in Sikkim sector. At present, both the countries are focusing on enhancing their economic growth and becoming a world leader. The irritants between India and China relationship are:


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Beijing lays claim over 90,000 sq km of Arunachal Pradesh calling it South Tibet. Besides the eastern and western region, there is a mid-sector in Uttarakhand where China lays claim over an area of about 10,000 sq km. All these remain unresolved since 1986. Yet, the border has largely been peaceful.


Border disputes between New Delhi and Beijing are caused by two main factors, namely, British colonial legacy and contrasting understanding of maps. Both countries are committed to building infrastructure till the last mile in their area. As a result there are complaints of incursions.


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India has a long history of tradition of cultural and trade exchanges with Nepal as well as Bhutan. India has a security arrangement with Bhutan for protection of its borders. Nepal depends on India for all its economic purposes. There is an ongoing rivalry between the Indian and Chinese forces near Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction, Daklam plateau.

Brahmaputra river water sharing is the major issue of disagreement between India and China. China has been building dams after dams in the upper regions of the Brahmaputra. India has objected to it but no formal treaty has been agreed upon by the two countries over sharing of the Brahmaputra water.


While India has condemned terror outfits and it identifies Pakistan as the biggest cause of terrorism, meanwhile, Beijing has defended Pakistan at every single forum. China has blocked India’s attempt for sanctions against Masood Azhar, who has allegedly masterminded several terror attacks in India.


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Beijing has huge investment in Pakistan. It is building the China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC), passing through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India has objected to the CPEC. China has also developed the Gwador port, Karachi, for facilitating its maritime trade with West Asia and North Africa, which gives China a hold in the north Indian Ocean near India’s boundaries.


Looking at the history where India has been avoiding confrontation with China, the above reasons are playing as a catalyst before India to act firmly with Beijing this time. It is firm and strong this time with its counterpart stating that they will not withdraw its soldiers from Daklam until the dispute is resolved.



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