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College Admission: 5 Steps to Kickstart your College Life

College Admission Tips, College Admission, DU Admission Tips, Delhi University Admission Tips
College Admission Tips

With the DU admission going on and a brand new session just around the corner, most of the colleges are filled with excited freshers trying to get into their dream colleges. However getting admission is just the start, here is a guide to help you kickstart your college life and make the most of your golden years. After all, the memories you’re about to make are the ones that will stick around for years to come.


Prepare yourself for an Introduction

In most of the colleges, you’ll probably have to give an introduction to your seniors on the first day of college. It’s just a way of breaking the ice and welcoming freshers to a new life, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to goof around a bit. It’s all in good fun so be a sport and impress your batch mates and seniors with witty answers and an impeccable outfit, although try and avoid anything too outrageous. A little disclaimer for the girls, despite of what you’ve seen in movies, no one wears heels to college.

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Socialize before the time flies

College is nothing like your schools, there’s no spoon feeding and it’s over before you know it so if you want friends you’ll have to make an effort and get to know a lot of people before you finally find your inner circle.


Its actually pretty fun, you’ll get to know different people from different walks of life. Just keep an open mind and talk to all your classmates and seniors on your orientation.  I know the seniors might look a bit intimidating at first but trust me, once you become friends with them, you’ll have unlimited access to notes and you’ll know all that there is, to know about your campus the easy way.


Get to know your campus

Now that you’ve socialized and hopefully managed to find some company. Explore your campus, I promise you it’s bigger than you think.


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Get a feel of the place where you’ll be spending most of your time, especially if you’re a hosteller. The campus is your new home, so the sooner you find all the back doors and ‘jugadu’ bhaiyas to run your errands for you, the better it is.

Try all the food joints nearby

I cannot stress enough on the sweet affair between college life and unrestrained food binging. You’re going to have gaps between your classes and let’s be real and accept the fact that you won’t be attending all of them anyway, so finding the perfect hangout spot to chill with your new friends is a must. This place will probably become your meeting spot, study room, therapy room, or just a safe haven from the scorching sun and hunger pangs.


Be a busy bee

College life is fleeting and to make the most of it, get involved in some extra-curricular that your college offers.


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Check out the different sports opportunities  and societies for drama, dance or singing, whatever you’re interested in. It’s also a platform to meet like minded people and travel around with them for different competitions and fests, it’s a brilliant way to get some exposure and memories that will last a lifetime.


Oh and there are classes too.

Shocker right? Even though you’re out of school, you’re still in an educational institution and that implies having endless internals and morning classes.


No matter how good your friend circle is and however many societies you’re in, skimping on your studies will land you in trouble. So attend your classes and take notes, nobody will hand you readymade answers before your exam, so you have to look out for yourself in order to score well in college.


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