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Top 6 steps to get over a Broken Heart after a Failed Relationship

Broken Heart Relationship, Steps to overcome Broken Heart Relationship, 5 steps to curb breakup tension
Broken Heart Relationship

The wounds that hurt the most are the ones that can’t be seen. Dealing with a broken heart can be messy and difficult, but just because it’s ugly business doesn’t mean you have to suffer because of it for any longer than you have to. Here are 6 effective steps to help you mend your broken heart and get your life back on track in no time.


1) Acceptance

After we get our hearts broken, the first emotion that we face is denial, it comes much before pain or nostalgia. Refusing to accept it won’t change the reality but Living in denial is something so tempting that many end up wasting months before they even face the real pain of the loss. The only way to move forward is to gracefully accept our fates and march ahead being our own knights in shining armours. The trick lies in ridding yourself of false hopes and desperate bargains.


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2) Distractions

Once you’ve accepted the fact that they’re gone, you begin to see the void that they left behind in your life. The best way to deal with this sudden realisation is to initially distract yourself from the overwhelming emotions that you’ll be feeling. The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy, spend time with your friends, pick up a new hobby or sweat all your aggression out in the gym. Bonus: You’ll gain something out of a loss that was otherwise making you sink.

3) Reconnect with your friends and family

Even though it’s your fight and only you can swing the swords, but it doesn’t hurt to have a friend running along with water and snacks, does it?

Losing touch with friends and family is a common mistake that most couples make. These are the people that always have our best interests in mind, the best way to let go is to let it all out and confide in them. Believe it or not, they’ve always got our backs.


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4) Closure

Once you’ve gotten busy in your own life and feel strong enough to face your past again, you can talk to them one last time to gain closure. You can ask them all the questions that haunted you after they left and you can finally say your goodbyes or talk about being friends. Do whatever makes you happy just don’t let them or anyone else put words into your mouth.


5) Learn from your Mistakes

After you’ve taken a healthy amount of time to heal and recuperate, it’s time for an introspection. Don’t listen to your mutual friends playing the blame game or your best friend blowing your glorious trumpet. Look within and try to see what went wrong along the way, take notes and save yourself another heartbreak.


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6) Move on

Contrary to the popular connotation regarding the phrase moving on, it doesn’t actually mean jumping into another or a string of other relationships.


In the truest sense of the word, it means freedom. The freedom to choose between your solitude or a new budding romance, the freedom to follow your heart without any strings attached to your past. Once you feel free to choose and go after whatever you truly want, you have successfully mended your broken heart and celebratory chocolates are in order.


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