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5 Chilling Instances of Mob Lynching this year which Highlight a Serious Problem of Growing Intolerance

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Mob Lynching has been becoming a pain for the nation.

Delhi: Mob lynching has become a sad reality in India. Mob lynching basically refers to public executions by mobs in order to punish the victims. 2017 has seen an alarming rise in the number of such shameful incidents all over the country. These lynchings have generally been enticed by self styled cow vigilantes and other extremist groups in the society. These atrocities have led to the launch of a nationwide protest under the banner “Not in my name” . Here is an account of the brutalities incurred on innocent men by barbaric mobs in the past few months.



On April 1st  a 55 year old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was attacked and murdered by a group of over 200 self styled vigilantes. He was a resident of Jaisinghpur village. On the day of the brutal lynching, he was returning from jaipur with a group of six other men after buying cows and calves. They were stopped by a mob on the Jaipur-Delhi highway and brutally assaulted despite of them showing the relevant civic documents to prove that the cows had been2 bought for milk. Pehlu Khan did not survive and passed away in the hospital. Despite severe political and public backlash the president of Rashtriya Mahila Gau Rakshak Dal, Sadhvi Kamal Didi was quoted encouraging the accused and comparing him to Bhagat Singh.


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May 13th

The gruesome lynching of 7 men in one evening sent shock waves through the entire nation. The incident took place on Thursday, May 13th  in two different districts in Jharkhand. The barbaric act was allegedly the result of a hoax whatsapp message warning about child lifters in the area, the fallout of the message was widespread panic amongst the locals and a brutal manifestation of violence.  A group of four men were passing through Sobhapur village where they were caught by an angry mob and beaten to death. On the same evening, three more men fell prey to the same brutality in Bagbera and lost their lives because of mob lynching.



A 16 year old boy Junaid Khan was on a train bound for Mathura after shopping for eid from Delhi. The teenager and his brothers were cornered by a mob of around 20 men after an argument over a seat. The men called the boys “antinational” and “beef-eaters” after they suspected them of carrying beef in their bags. The gruesome incident took place in a crowded train with hundreds of witnesses yet none have come forward till now. Junaid Khan lost his life and his 3 brothers sustained serious injuries, this shameful incident led to protests all over the country under the tagline ” Not in my name”. People all over the country took to the streets on 28th June to protest against the increasing incidents of lynching of Muslims and dalits. The protest gained impetus after a Facebook post by Saba Dewan in which she asked people to come out and protest under the banner “not in my name”. She was followed by several other celebrities, one of whom was Renuka Sahane who also shared a Facebook post in which she states “Innocence dies when hatred rules” .


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24th  June

Three Muslim youths, Mohammed Nasir from Dhalugunj, Nasirul Haque, a resident of Kutipara, and Mohammad Samiruddin of Kandarpara  were lynched in Durgapur village because of a suspicion that they were involved in cow theft. The villagers alleged that they caught the deceased and 4 other men trying to steal cattle on Thursday night when the unfortunate event took place. The families of the deceased have denied the charges of theft.


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27th June

A few days later  on  another shocking case of mob lynching surfaced in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. A 45 year old, mentally ill woman, Otera Bibi was publically lynched because of allegedly smuggling young girls and did not survive to her injuries.



June 29th

Hours after the Prime minister condemned the growing violence in the name of cow protection or Gau Bhakti, a shocking defiance led to the demise of 45 year old Alimuddin who was attacked by a mob of more than 100 people on the suspicion that he was carrying beef in his vehicle. He was brutally beaten up, and his car was set ablaze before the Police arrived at the scene.  It took place in the Ramgarh district in Jharkhand. Even though the police claimed to have rescued the man, he succumbed to his injuries later in the hospital.




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