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Top 5 things a Girl loves in her Smartphone the most

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Top 5 things that a girl loves in her smartphone

You may be wondering what we are busy doing on our Smartphones all day and why absence of our Smartphones makes us bored. Going on a shopping or going to our college, one thing we can’t miss is our Smartphone. We know you would be preaching that phones are meant for calling and texting, but what are they really used for these days? And what do we love the most in our Smartphones? Here’s a list of five things we adore the most in our Smartphones



This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. A girl’s gotta keep her social media updated, right? The camera basically creates all the duck face selfies that flood Instagram and the embarrassing photos of our friends that adorn our snapchat stories. It also doubles as a mirror for quick makeup touch ups.

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Texting and calling through the service provider is a thing of the past. Whatsapp has become an integral part of every girl’s life. Whatsapp chats are the primary mode of communication for most girls, its last seen feature being an important tool for stalking their crushes.  The group chats have become a virtual hangout zone and the perfect safe haven for all their juicy screenshots. The fact that it’s completely free just makes it that much better.


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On a rainy day and through stuffy metro rides, with her headphones plugged in, gracefully she glides. Everybody loves music and the ones who don’t, have probably not heard the right kind. The songs keep changing with the flings and the heartbreaks, but music is always there, with butterflies for those in love and comfort for the heartbroken.



You can order a stellar dress sitting at home in your pajamas with a face pack on and a plate of chicken nuggets by your side. The dream package for any working girl who doesn’t want to waste her Sundays slogging through malls and never ending trial room ques.


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The ladies staying at home might not realize the importance of an alarm clock but ask any girl staying alone or in a hostel and she’ll tell you all about her snoozy affair with the multiple alarms to get her up and going.



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