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100 Din Vishwas ke: Developments of UP under Yogi Adityanath’s Governance?

Yogi Adityanath's 100 days
Yogi Adityanath's 100 days

Mumbai: The Yogi Adityanath led Government in Uttar Pradesh completed 100 days on June 27. For the first time in 28 years, the same party is in power at both the Centre and the State.  The Union Govt. has chipped in a big way towards his performance and unlike Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi has been very accommodating to the Yogi Sarkar.  Key officials have been sent from Delhi to UP, the Niti Aayog has made presentations towards industrial and infrastructural projects in the State. It’s almost as if the Centre is running the show to reach its ‘goal post’ of winning the 2019 general elections.


A lot of praise has been heaped on him with regard to his ‘no-nonsense’ style of working with the bureaucrats, his ability to connect with the masses, his ‘development’ agenda. He has, in fact, released a booklet ‘100 din vishwas ke’ highlighting his government’s achievements and announced that 2017 would be ‘Garib Kalyan Varsh’


But despite all the claims, there is a lot amiss, a lot has gone wrong. The crackdown on illegal slaughter houses and meat shops and cow smuggling have only provided fodder to cow vigilantes but a good step taken overall . The anti-romeo squads seeking only to embolden messiahs of honor killing; making girls more subdued, making inter-caste and faith unions more difficult.



Some changes have only been cosmetic – Ministers told to stop using red beacons atop vehicles; ban on ‘pan-masala, gutkha’ consumption in government offices, hospitals, schools etc; FIR orders against government school teachers for taking private tuitions. Some decisions have been plain vengeful – Services of all advisers, vice-chairmen and chairmen appointed by the previous Samajwadi Party government discontinued. Some orders just for the record – Ministers told to disclose their incomes and submit the details to the CM secretariat and the BJP office. While some tasks just not completed – Deadline of June 15 set for making all UP roads pot-holes free.


But the biggest cause of concern and perhaps the most scary is current law and order situation in UP. It has deteriorated with robbery, rape, murder, honor killing on an unprecedented rise during the months of May and June. The upper castes, the Thakurs are feeling emboldened with the new Govt. at the helm. The recent violence in Saharanpur between the upper castes and the Dalits are witness to this fact.


But no one in the Opposition is being vocal enough about these developments. The ‘farm loan waiver’ googly has stumped them all. The beaming Chief Minister’s popularity is second only to Prime Minister Modi. Other State Govts – Maharahstra, Karnataka, Punjab too have followed suit – How will the funding happen? No one knows. It will in the future definitely eat into the ‘development’ agenda.




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