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Ram Nath Kovind files nomination for Presidential Poll, 5 Things to know about Ram Nath Kovind

Ramnath Kovind, NDA Presidential Candidate Ram nath Kovind,
Ram Nath Kovind files for Presidential Poll.

Mumbai: Ram Nath Kovind, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Presidential candidate, has filed for nomination for Presidential Poll, on Friday. He was accompanied by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his way for filing for his nomination. Not just PM Modi but several senior BJP leaders and some NDA-led state Chief Ministers also joined him for this process. Ram Nath Kovind will be contending for the Indian President’s post opposite Meira Kumar, the opposition Presidential Candidate. We bring you 5 facts about Kovind on this day of his nomination

Ram Nath Kovind is a lawyer by profession and has practiced law in both the High Court and the Supreme Court for sixteen years before becoming a full time politician and joining the BJP.


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He was a Rajya Sabha member for twelve years and served on many Parliamentary committees. Few know that he even served as a personal assistant to Morarji Desai, when Desai was the Prime Minister of India and has represented India at the UN in 2002. He last served as the Governor of Bihar till his resignation a few days ago.


But despite his glowing credentials for the post, it is allegedly said that the BJP has chosen him as their presidential candidate only because he is a Dalit for vote bank. If this is the case then in a way, it is sad that even for the highest office of the nation, caste still rules the choice of the leaders. And although it may seem like a victory for the Dalits, it may not be so, as their caste will always overshadow their achievements.


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Ram Nath Kovind is known to have RSS leanings and is vocal in voicing his opinions on Hindutva. He courted controversy as a BJP spokesman with his statement in 2010 “Islam and Christianity are aliens to the nation”. This was because he opposed the Ranganath Mishra Commission Report which recommended 15% quota for Muslims and other minorities in government jobs and SC status for Dalits irrespective of their religion.


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On a lighter note, Ram Nath Kovind is remembered for correcting Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son, Tej Pratap, at the oath taking ceremony where the latter used the word ‘Upekshit’ instead of ‘Apekshit’ and made him repeat his oath. This incident conveys the fact that the presidential nominee is a task master and does not shy away from getting things done in a right way….and this  may be the best qualification needed for taking up the highest post of the country.



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