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PM calls Yoga a free Health Insurance, Ramdev Baba thanks BJP for making the World Yoga Day a hit


Mumbai: Yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice is good for human kind in various ways. The benefits it has on human body is manifold and it doesn’t understand any religion. India which has been known for practicing Yoga from ancient times and is propounded by saints and seers, was celebrating its 3rd International Yoga Day and we have a lot to speak about it on this day where people from all walks of life participated tremendously.

Whether it’s PM Modi or Ramdev Baba, or Dabbawalas in Mumbai, everyone took part in the International Yoga Day and made it a hit. PM Narendra Modi engaged himself in Yoga at Lucknow and called Yoga a ‘free health insurance’.


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He said, “I request people to make Yoga a part of their life. We may not master Yoga or become teachers but we should not stop from doing Yoga,”.


Wherein, Ramdev Baba accompanied by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani and BJP Party President Amit Shah made the Yoga Day a grand in Gujarat. Ramdev claims to have set 24 new records in Yoga. Ramdev said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated that a new world record should be set in Yoga. Due to BJP Chief Amit Shah’s guidance and Gujarat Government’s support, the event was a massive hit and we were successful in setting 24 new world records.”


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The regular busy looking Dabbawalas from Mumbai were also on their toes for contributing towards International Yoga Day. Dabbawalas gathered at Versova Beach to celebrate the Yoga Day.


When asked one of the Dabbawalas by news agency ANI, he said, “Yoga is an old culture of India which people now forget. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken this initiative and made people aware about this not only in India but all over the world”. He also appealed to everyone to perform Yoga as it treats the internal problems and rejuvenates the soul.

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