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The State (Maharashtra) Government may face the ‘drastic consequences’ because Shiv Sena fully supports Farmers: Shiv Sena on Mandsaur Violence


Mumbai: Shiv Sena in its mouthpiece newspaper ‘Saamna’ has slammed Madhya Pradesh administration over Mandsaur violence on Wednesday.



In its article titled ‘This is not right’ in the ‘Saamna’ newspaper, the party said, “If something like Mandsaur happens in Maharashtra, the state government may face the drastic consequences because Shiv Sena fully supports the farmers,”.


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Shiv Sena had earlier admonished MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan by its remark ‘First Bullet, then Fast’. Shivraj Singh Chauhan had started fasting demanding peace in the state. However, Shiv Sena seemed to differ from Chauhan’s demand since 6 farmers lost their lives during the protest by the bullets fired by MP police. This was highly criticized by opposition parties and Mandsaur became the epicenter of Farmers’ protest.


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Rahul Gandhi and other Political leaders desired to visit Mandsaur village to meet the deceased farmers’ families but were objected to enter the violence affected area.


Shiv Sena said, “In a democratic nation, a man is allowed to visit any affected area to meet the victim’s family and express concern’. MP administration had imposed section 144 in the affected area and the section was lifted after Chauhan met the deceased farmers’ families.


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We hope that peace resumes in Mandsaur and Farmers get justice in their demand.




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