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Is Nokia scaring Samsung and Apple ? Read this Interesting article to know


Mumbai: The ‘once upon’ ruler of Indian Mobile Market is back and the current mobile market shareholders seem to have frightened by its roaring comeback. Yes, we are talking about Nokia which once ruled the Indian Mobile Market and stayed upright before other competitors. With the launch of Android Smartphones, Nokia started losing market shares and finally had to exit from the market.

Although Nokia made its sad exit from the market but what it left behind is it’s strong brand power in Indian consumers’ mind for its durability. Nokia under HMD Global is making a come back in the mobile industry and it has already launched its Nokia 3310 for its Indian consumers. The next smartphones which are rumoured to be launched soon is it’s Nokia 7,8 & 9.


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With these coming in the market, would its direct competitors Samsung and Apple hold their market share? The recent change in the selling strategy of Samsung and Apple does show that the two largest high end Smartphone manufacturers are in fear of losing their market shares to Nokia. On one hand where Apple has slashed the prices of its 4 year old iPhone 5s and also iPhone SE by a substantial amount to increase its market share in India, Samsung is also trying hard to sell its products after the news of battery explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started making rounds on various news channels. With the news of Galaxy Note 7 banned by many airline companies in their aircrafts, Samsung’s stock plunged by about $ 7 billion just a week after the news of battery explosion debuted on News channels’ screens.

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As per Samsung’s spokesperson who confirmed the explosion of 35 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 which were reported and that the company is strategizing to replace the Galaxy Note 7 if requested by customers.


Not just price cut on Samsung and Apple’s smartphones’ prices but the duo are also providing easy EMI options to their consumers to increase their sales. If you thought that these strategies are adopted as a part of their marketing strategy, you may have to rethink about it. Whatsoever be the case, Nokia is back and consumers seem to be excited and showing the same trust on them like they had before Samsung and Apple took hold of the steering of Indian Mobile Industry.


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Well, time will tell the strategies that Samsung and Apple will adopt to tackle Nokia, the called-father of market shares of Indian Mobile Industry.


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