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5 Signs in your behaviour which shows you are in Love – Ajanta News Relationship Guide

Ajanta News brings 5 signs of being in Love

Mumbai: Ever wondered if ‘Kuch toh hua hai’ song from Bollywood movie ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ make sense to you. The words used in the song perfectly describe a person starting to fall in love. You will find it difficult to describe the exhilaration of being in love. Some call it sensory overload and some will be speechless to explain why they are feeling what they are feeling. All they know is they have started feeling better, happier and feel emotions that they never thought of being capable of.



Do you know that there are signs which can answer your question of whether you are in Love? Yes, we are bringing you 5 Signs which will indicate that you are in Love.


Lost in Love
We are oftenly found lost in thoughts of our love when we are in love.

Be Lost in Someone’s Dream

You will oftenly find yourself lost in the mid of a conversation or while you are doing something. Your mind will think about your special someone and their talks whenever you are trying to concentrate at something. Oftenly thinking about your talks with your special someone will not let you do any other work properly. You will find yourself contemplating frequently about the ruler of your heart. This is a clear indication that you have started feeling for this person.



Restlessness in Love
Restlessness in the absence of your partner is a common sign of you in love with that person

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Feeling Restless in one’s absence

During my college time, I couldn’t go anywhere without ‘her’ in the fear of missing her badly there. It’s a different feeling in the form of restlessness which keeps you unquenched and yearning for his/her presence 24×7.


Being Possessive in Love
Being Possessive in Love is another sign of being in Love

Being possessive

Being in love also means being possessive for someone. This possessiveness is natural in love and is good, if not overdone. The desire of your special someone giving time to only you and not anyone else sometimes becomes the point of fuss between you both. So if your special someone is possessive for you, give him/her reasons to feel secured.



Yearning in Love
Yearning and Craving for staying with your partner always is also a sign of deeply in Love

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Yearning to stay together forever

You will always dream of your future with your partner together. Planning for future with your partner will oftenly make your mind engaged and this is a sign of being in pure love. Your heart will crave to stay together till you both are alive.


Look Perfect for your Partner
Looking Perfect for your Partner is also a sign of in love

Excessive attempts to look perfect before your partner

We are not perfect even though if we look perfect. You will start doing things to prove yourself perfect before your special someone. Behaving like responsible person, taking care of your partner and talking like a mature person before your partner are the attempts you make to look perfect before them. Girls oftenly try to look perfect by dressing well and attractive, makeup and speak politely before their special someone.



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