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Google brings a new revolution by announcing it’s Google Lens, Know the Details here


Mumbai: Who knew that a machine could understand your voice and bring you what you wanted on your mobile screen but Google made it possible with its search engine based on voice recognition AI. Google brought its voice recognized search engine tool and made its customers’ life easier. Now, Google has one more good news for you, it has announced its Google Lens which will bring you details of anything using your Smartphone’s camera. Yes, you read it right, your Smartphone’s camera is your new search tool.

Google Lens Demo
Google showed demo of how Google Lens works

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai announced its new revolutionary search tool, Google Lens in its Google I/O developer conference. The fact that it turns your Smartphone camera into a search tool sets it apart from others. The idea of bringing this technology was to elevate the search experience for Google users. In a demo, Pichai pointed the camera of the Smartphone towards a flower and the Google Lens was able to name the flower along with its species and other details. It touts of showing the rating, name and other details if pointed the camera to a restaurant or concert or a video. In another demo, Google Lens could identify the WiFi ID and password and straight away give you a button to connect it to the WiFi when pointed at sticker of the router.


Google also showed how Google Lens could be integrated with Google Assistant. With the entry of Google Lens, searching experience will indeed be lot simpler than the current scenario. We wait and watch for this product to come and will update you more on this.


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