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Meet Jyoti Mugalghat, the woman constable who saved a victim of Hit-and-run case in Mumbai

Jyoti Mugalghat, Constable from Mumbai Police who saved life of a accident victim
Constable from Mumbai Police who saved life of a accident victim

Mumbai: We have seen footages of people walking ‘normally’ across an accident victim without extending any help to them. Supreme Court had to intervene and announce that the people who help accident victims shall not be harrassed or interrogated as far as possible by any officials. We still see many bystanders taking videos of victims of road accidents instead of helping them.

In the meanwhile, we want to bring your attention to a lady constable of Mumbai police who has helped save life of an accident victim in Mumbai. The incident took place around 09.30pm around Walkeshwar where a car hit a bike and ran away without stopping to see the condition of the victim. Thankfully, Jyoti Mugalghat, a lady constable of Mumbai police was monitoring the CCTV footage of Walkeshwar sitting in the main control room at Mumbai police headquarters.


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As soon she saw this hit and run case and saw the victim turned unconscious after being hit by the car, she immediately alerted the Gamdevi Police Station and the officials of Gamdevi Police Station rushed to the spot without wasting any time.


The 26 year old victim, Deepak Dalvi was immediately taken to the Bhatia Hospital and he regained consciousness after a few hours. The car was identified with the help of the CCTV footage which showed the number plate of the car. Dalvi, after learning that the car driver is a resident of his neighbourhood refused to file any case against the car driver who lived with him in his neighbourhood in Malabar hills.

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The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Dr. Rashmi Karandhikar, is happy to hear this news of good work by Jyoti Mugalghat and that she would recommend Jyoti’s name for an award to Joint Commissioner of Police (JCP). Karandhikar said, “Our CCTV operator has done a very good work by saving the biker’s life. As soon as she saw that he was down and unconscious, she informed the concerned police station. Thanks to the prompt response of the patrolling police officials”


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Ajanta News solutes Jyoti like police officials who do not compromise with their job at any cost and continue the good work. Keep it up!




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