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Top 5 things to check-for while buying a Smartphone


Gone are the days when people used their phones for calling and messaging pirpose only. This is 21st century where we may miss anything else but can’t miss our Smartphone. We all will agree that the first thing we do after waking up is checking our phone for various purposes. But, we all somewhere think if we have the best phone we desire. The phone or the Smartphone which helps people know the kind of person you are. Some will buy an iPhone without even knowing if they need one. There are also a minor chunk of people who will buy smartphones based on their friends’ recommendations. If that’s the case, worry less because we are bringing our top list of things to check-for while buying a Smartphone​.


Build Features of a Smartphone
This is important in finding out if the smartphone is durable

Durability Build

You may have found yourself mesmerised on the body and the look of a smartphone. But, you must look for a Smartphone or a phone which are built of high quality material like Metal or Plastic rather than Glass build. The glass build Smartphones may just shatter while the Metal or Plastic made Smartphones may survive in case dropped on the floor.



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Display Features

You must define the your purpose of buying the Smartphone and accordingly, choose the right one. The ones who love playing games will have to choose a bigger screen and good processor. The ones who love to edit images and videos would again need a bigger screen but if you are someone who use the smartphones for normal purposes. Normal purposes like calling, checking emails, messages and social media would be satisfied with a hand-hold-friendly. Also, you must check for display glass protection features like Gorilla Corning Glass Protection features. If you don’t have this feature then you must take a screen protector.


Camera Features of a Smartphone
Checking the camera features of a smartphone is one of the key things while choosing your Smartphone


I know, you were waiting for us to touch this specification of a Smartphone. We all love our camera in our Smartphones. That’s because we love to capture every moments of our life in this mini-machine of our innovation. If you are a selfie lover then look for front camera features like dual-front camera with LED in the front, auto focus, aperture, ISO levels and pixel size, etc. Dual camera features are ones which will meet your high definition selfie wishes. If you love photography rather than selfies, then look for rear camera features. Dual camera features are also available in the rear cameras of Smartphones. Look for HD recording features, picture quality in dim light, etc. Also, we want to clear a myth about camera specifications, camera with more mega pixels (MP) doesn’t mean it is better, it all depends on pixel size with aperture feature.


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Microprocessor Speed of a Smartphone
Checking the Microprocessor speed of your Smartphone is as important as checking the other features


Choosing the right processor for you is an important and key way to make your Smartphone experience happy and worthy. You must have a Snapdragon 652 or 820/821 to be able to successfully use multiple apps simultaneously, play heavy and high definition games, watch/stream videos, play high definition videos, etc. but if you are an average user then even a MediaTek processor would not pinch you much. However, a Smartphone’s processing power doesn’t just depend on processor but also on Operating System, RAM, etc.


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Battery Capacity of your Smartphone
Battery power of a Smartphone is crucial to check while choosing your Smartphone.


Although we are bringing Battery specification last but it is one of the crucial specification to look for in your desired Smartphone. You may have the above mentioned features and specifications in your Smartphones but if your Smartphone lags in battery power then you have lost the battle of acquiring your best Smartphone. Look for more power unit wise. It is measured in mAh unit and more the unit, better the battery power.




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