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Your PAN card will turn invalid from July 1 if you fail to link it with your AADHAR Card


Mumbai: An official from NSDL associated CAMS has confirmed that there is a significant increase in the application to correct the name on PAN by the cardholders. CAMS, empanelled by the NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd), VP (Business Development), Kamala Radhakrishnan was heard quoting “We understand there is a significant increase in requests for correction of names in PAN cards.”


The requests to correct the name in the PAN has off-lately increased because the Government has set a deadline of July 1, 2017 to link citizens’ Aadhar Card number with their PAN card. The citizens failing to link their PAN card with their Aadhar Card number will face invalidation of their PAN cards. The invalid cards will lose its value and the cardholders will no longer be able to submit their Income Tax return file. This is because filing of ITR by quoting your PAN and Aadhar Card number is made mandatory from this year. However the NRIs are exempted from quoting Aadhar Card while filing for ITR.


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The significant increase in the application to change or correct the name have flourished all-of-the-sudden because nobody wants their PAN card to turn invalid.


How to correct your name on PAN card

To correct your name on your PAN card, you need to visit any nearest NSDL centre and submit the requisite documents to the Authority. The authority on scrutiny of your documents will accept your request and finally your name or other details will be corrected by the concern authority.


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How to correct your name on Aadhar Card

Visit any nearest Aadhar Card designated centre and present your latest documents with corrected name in it. The documents will be scrutinized and the application will be accepted.


Howsoever difficult the process be, ensure you have your Aadhar number linked with your PAN card inorder to continue using your PAN card. Although Supreme Court has annoyingly asked Government that if the apex court had earlier asked Aadhar to be made optional then why Government has made it mandatory.


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