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5 Must-have Fruits in this Summer Season to Stay Healthy

Summer Season India
Summer Season India is very hot

Mumbai: The prickly heal powder advertisement on our TV screens and early morning sunrise are a signal to us that Summer has arrived. The temperature of the atmosphere increasing gradually and dehydration make us loose our energy constantly in summer. We get exasperate to see our body covered with sweat in just 10 mins outdoor. We get dehydrated easily in the summer season than any other season. We start sourcing stuffs that can increase our endurance power to sunlight and the high temperature environment outside. These stuffs could be our outfits, foods, fruits, accessories, etc. Having being said that, we bring you our top 5 must-have fruits in the summer season to minimise  health issues. These fruits are water rich fruits and keep your body hydrated all day long if taken in right quantity


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Cucumber is a must-have fruit in Summer


Water Content: 96.7%

Our body requires water to keep us hydrated, especially, in summer. Cucumber with 96.7% water content supplies water to your body and therefore, Cucumber must be taken during summer to keep the health issues due to summer away from you.


Watermelon in Summer will keep you hydrated


Water content: 91.5%

The heat from the sunlight reaching earth is harmful and the body requires enough water to keep you going all day. Watermelon with as high as 91.5% water may be a good choice to fulfil the water requirement of your body. It is also rich in Vitamin, Antioxidants, Amino acids and potassium. So, go shop watermelon and stay healthy.


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Strawberries are a relief in the summer


Water Content: 91%

Strawberries, known for its romantic essence is also a water rich fruit and must not be missed during summer. Rich in fiber, vitamin, potassium and choline is majorly good for healthy heart. The strawberries on your plate will definitely keep you hydrated and healthy this summer.


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Grapefruit in Summer will definitely keep you cool


Water Content: 90.5%

Grapefruit, also known as ‘चकोतरा’ could prove to be a heat appeasing fruit for you this summer. With such a high water content, you shouldn’t miss this tasty and healthy fruit in this high tempered atmosphere.


Cantaloupe is a sweet fruit known for its water-richness


Water Content: 90.2%

Well, this fruit is my favourite for its taste and its weight balancing properties. With 90.2% of water content, Cantaloupe is recommended for weight loss.



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