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Your Attendance Biometric Machine can be tricked, Matunga’s ICT college students forged their attendance

ICT College Students Forged Attendance
ICT College Students Forged Attendance using a trick in their attendance biometric machine

Mumbai: Those of you all who thought Attendance Biometric Machines installed in your office or colleges cannot be tricked may find this news astonishing. Students from Mumbai’s Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Matunga forged their attendance with a trick. The students used a small layers of resin adhesive and pressed their fingers on it to bring a dark finger print impression on it. The resin adhesive strips were then used by their friends to mark the attendance on their behalf. There are reportedly 200 students from Matunga’s ICT college who have forged their attendance using this trick.


The college authorities smelled something fishy in the attendance of the students and decided to take the appropriate action on this. They put-up a notice which read, “There are students who have registered attendance despite not being in the class. We urge you to come forward…and let us know the number of times you have unfairly marked your attendance. We have closed circuit television (CCTV) camera recordings of all such activities.”. The authorities threatened the students for ‘severe action’ taken if they find any of them found guilty in the whole event and asked them to be upfront in accepting the mistake.


The ICT college apparently has CCTV installed in the classes and the lectures are video recorded. The uncovering of the event happened when teachers and authorities sensed disparity in the actual attendance and the biometric records due to the classes being small.


The scared students found no option to escape and came forward to accept the forgery in the attendance they had done for their friends. The authorities have decided to punish the accused students by reducing their grades by 2 points.


The Vice-chancellor of ICT college said, “Even though the attendance records showed otherwise, we suspected that the students were not attending classes because they performed poorly in their exams. Then we came to know that they used polymer films to mark their attendance”


Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has asked schools and colleges to install such devices to capture students attendance to curb proxy attendance. However, this incidence is an alarm to all the colleges, especially, the professional colleges where these kind of forgery may take place. Taking into account this incidence seriously, ICT college’s vice chancellor said that they will consider using IRIS scanner to curb such forgery practices in the college.



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