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Top 5 Things to avoid in a relationship – Ajanta News Relationship Guide

Relationship must be kept away from any kind of fuss and our content will help you keep your relationship away from any fuss

Mumbai: We keep hearing about Breakups day in and day out from friends or we have gone through the painful ‘process’ of Breakups in our lives some or the other time. However, there are a few who have stayed away from the word breakup in their life and stayed with their partners for long and some, forever. There are a few who regret breaking up in their relationships after breaking up and find it hard to move on. We are bringing our top 5 things to avoid in a relationship which may help your love affair stay immortal


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Lack of Romance

Feeling of being in a relationship is most important in a relationship. This feeling is alive due to romance. Hugging, Kissing, etc. are few of the practices to express love.


Spending very Less Time with your Partner

Giving time to your partner in a relationship is the essence of your relationship. You may get away from a fuss sometimes by gifting a present to your partner. But this will not work everytime, give as much time as possible to your partner.


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Fussing over Petty Issues

Fussing over some serious issues will always be there in any relationship. However, some petty issues like talking to another friend over the phone, going with friends without your permission, etc. must be kept away from fussing over.


Giving less Importance to your partner

This is the most common reason of fuss between partners in a relationship. Your partner is special and must be given more importance over others. Friends and family are important too but learn to balance each in a way that keeps everyone happy.


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Abase Your Partner

Bantering your partner is ‘cute’ but humiliating your partner is bad for your Relationship. Try and stay away from jokes which may humiliate or demean your partner in any way.


We hope your love affair stays ‘fussless’ and joyful. For any relationship advice, reach out to our relationship expert ‘Love Guru‘ and allow them to answer your relationship related questions.



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