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US drops GBU-43/B on ISIS location in Afghanistan, Know Some interesting facts about this Massive & Devastative Weapon

The US has dropped MOAB on ISIS location in Afghanistan

Mumbai: ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has been torturing human kinds in Syria and the world is known to this fact. We all get furious watching beheading and other heinous homicide videos published by ISIS frequently.


This time we saw a video of chemical attack on Syria allegedly by Assad government which harmed the innocent citizens of Syria and killed many. Taking this into account, yesterday, U.S. dropped a massive & powerful Bomb on ISIS location based in Afghanistan. The giant bomb is ‘GBU-43/B’ which is so heavy and devastative that it is known as ‘The Mother of All Bombs’ (MOAB). It is also known as  ‘Massive Ordnance Air Blast’. Let’s know some interesting facts about this Giant ‘The Mother Of All Bombs’ which is named as GBU-43/B


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The MOAB was developed by Albert L. Weimorts Jr. for The U.S. Army and it was described as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever in the history of weapon development.


It was designed by Air Force Research Laboratory in 2002 and was produced in 2003 as per the reports.


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It is almost 10,300 kg (22,600 lb) in Weight , 9.1885m (30 ft 1.75 in) in Length and 103 cm (40.5 in) in Diameter.


The MOAB has a GPS tracking systems in it which furthermore makes it one the most tech-equipped powerful weapon.


When GBU-43/B was developed, experts from across the world considered it as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon which if used can destroy the enemy on a huge scale.


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The GBU-43/B was first tested on 11th of March 2003 in Florida & again tested on 21 November 2003.


Interestingly, MOAB cost approximately $16 million per unit according to the Military Information Website ‘Deagel’.




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