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7 Celebrities Got Famous due to their Body Parts

Celebrities Who Got Famous due to their body parts
Celebrities Who Got Famous due to their body parts in the world

Mumbai: Celebrities are not just actors/actresses but also trendsetters in our lives. We all have a celebrity we follow or want to be like. We like something in them that sets them apart from other celebrities. It could be their smile, style, acting, behaviour or their real life’s lifestyle. Today, we are talking about Celebrities who got famous due to their body parts. These celebrities have this distinct body part which sets them apart from others in the industry. So let’s look at who they are

Kylie Jenner Lips
American Kylie Jenner is famous due to her lips among her body parts

Kylie Jenner’s Lips

The American Reality TV personality, Kylie Jenner is known for her mesmerising lips. She claimed her lips to be natural until May 2015, when she admitted to have gone for Lip Augmentation and that it’s not natural. She is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Butt
American Kim Kardashian is famous for her Curved and Bumpy Butt

Kim Kardashian’s Butt

The American Reality TV personality and a Model, Kim Kardashian is no new to anyone. Her leaked sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J in 2007 had not just gained media attention but made her a celebrity to know the personal life of. This hot model is also famous for her curved and beautiful buttocks which she flaunts everytime she gets a chance to.


Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks is very famous for her Bulky and Beautiful Chest

Christina Hendricks’ Chest

The six time Emmy Award winning American actress, Christina Hendricks is one of her kind to have gifted with beautiful and eye-catching Chest. This actress is what we call a Beauty with Sex Appeal.


Miley Cyrus Abs
Miley Cyrus surprises everyone with her toned abs

Miley Cyrus’ Abs

The famous American pop singer and actress, Miley Cyrus has slim, fit and toned body but she, majorly, grabs attention for her abs. She shows-off her pleasing abs in every media aapearances.


Angelina Jolie Lips
Angelina Jolie who is a beauty queen is well known for her perfect lips

Angelina Jolie’s Lips

One of the highest-paid Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie is a beauty goddess. Just her name is enough among the youngsters to increase the temperature of the moment. As far as body part is concerned, she is one of very few actresses in Hollywood to have luscious lips and beautiful eyes.


Carrie Underwood Legs
Carrie Underwood has really bronzed legs

Carrie Underwood’s Legs

The winner of fourth season of American Idol, Carrie Underwood is one of very few Country singers who has Super-toned, Sculpted & Bronzed Legs which she boastfully shows-off in her innumerous events in short-shorts.


Kate Upton Cleavage
Kate Upton perfect Cleavage has made her famous

Kate Upton’s Cleavage

The 24 year old American Model and Actress has undoubtedly clear curves but she is famous for her cleavage. Her 34D sized breasts have made many’s eyes pop-out but this Michigan born Actress wishes to have had smaller ones.



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