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Gudi Padwa – Some Interesting Facts about Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa

Mumbai: Gudi Padwa which is also called ‘Gudhi Padwa’ is a ‘Chaitra’ month festival majorly celebrated in and around Maharashtra to mark the beginning of the New Year. Some of the other interesting facts about this spring-time festival is listed below.

Gudi Padwa is derived from the sanskrit word ‘ChaitraShukla Pratipad’.

According to the Lunisolar Hindu Calendar, Gudi Padwa is always celebrated on the first day of ‘Chaitra’ month to mark the beginning of Hindu New Year.

According to Brahma Purana, this day Lord Brahma created our Universe.

Even according to some people, Gudi Padwa also symbolizes Lord Rama’s victory and happiness of returning of Lord Rama after killing the evil minded Ravan.

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Gudhi Padwa is celebrated in every corner of India. Gudhi Padwa has many names such as Samvatsar Padvo, Yugadi, Ugadi, Cheti Chand or and Navreh. In Manipur , it is celebrated as Sajibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba.

The main occupation of India is Agriculture. Gudhi Padwa is one of the most famous harvesting festivals that marks the end of one season and beginning of a new season in India.

In Maharashtra, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj started the celebration of Gudi Padwa after his victory. He raised Gudi (flag) on the occasion of Gudhi padwa and from that day onward, everyone in Maharashtra started celebrating Gudi Padwa as a tradition.

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We can see bright green or yellow clothes adorned with Brocade (Zari) tied to the tip of a long bamboo over which ‘Gaathi’ (sugar crystals), Neem leaves and a twig of mango leave, and a garland of red flowers is tied along. A silver or a copper pot is placed in the inverted position over it at above the home entrance door acroos Maharashtra and other parts of India.

People in Maharashtra make delicious food like Puran Poli, Shrikhand, Milk Recipe, etc. on this Hindu New Year Festival

On this occasion, people buy something new like Vehicle, Gold, etc. as a symbol of Auspiciousness

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In Andhra Pradesh, a mixture of six ingredients like Neem Bud/Flower, Jaggery, Green Chilli, Salt, Tamarind & Unripened Mango are eaten by every family member to mark some emotions. These six ingredients denote as following

  • ‘Neem Bud/Flower’ which indicates the emotion ‘Sadness’
  • ‘Jaggery’ which indicates the emotion ‘Happiness’
  • ‘Green Chilli’ indicates the emotion ‘Anger’
  • ‘Salt’ indicates the emotion ‘Fear’
  • ‘Tamarind’ which indicates the emotion of ‘Disgust’
  • ‘Unripened Mango’ indicates the emotion ‘Surprise’

If we notice, Festivals, irrespective of their religion of origin, seeks unity among people. With the hope that people of India remain united forever, Ajanta News Team wishes everyone a very Happy Gudi Padwa.



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